10 gifts for your partner-in-trips this Valentine’s day

No matter how much you know about that special person in life, it is always the toughest affair to choose that perfect present to woo them. Many expectations from this Valentine’s day and clueless about what to buy? Meanwhile the brain is filtering – ‘Should I give something that would be useful in daily life?’, ‘Should I buy something lavish or something that they were hesitant to buy because of the price and all’ or should I give up and ask them what they want – simplest trick of all. Since falling in love and maintaining the relationship is not that easy, then why should this buying-gift exercise be!

When in doubt, go with the hobby – a key to everyone’s heart. So, if your significant other is super-crazy about travelling, we are here to save your back. Let’s hike the gift list from the flaunting backpacks to the Travel Neck pillow for the comfort travel to the wall frame full of wanderlust and finally to recording all your precious moments in the travel journal. We’ve covered it all in collaboration with Proshop24, an online gift portal with awesome products:

Travel Neck pillow
That annoying jhapki followed by head’s oscillations in the car, bus or plane can be brutal to your trip(and health too), hence it is always great to carry these light-weight neck pillows to sleep at ease whenever you want. These are available in multiple colours. Check one now.

Luggage tag

A serious initiative to save paper and get rid of those Airlines tags(just kidding). Pick from these Uber cool Luggage tags and make it a travel-style-statement. This one is for your fashionista partner.bag-tag

Travel Journal/Book
For those who love recording the memories, there can be nothing better than these journals, the cover page of which will always inspire you to write about your trips. So, here’s to your storytelling partners, who are super expressive while writing.
Phont bunting
Fancy a wall full of pictures? Want to add travel sense to the wall? A set of paper frames attached with a rope is all you need – write a tale on these paper or paste a picture on these frames. Ain’t that a picturesque wall art showing the perfect photo story?photo-bunting

Art Print Frame
‘Oh Darling! Let’s be adventurers’ art frame will definitely light up your home walls. Moreover, it can act as a reminder to your partner whenever the travel diminishes out of your routine due to the speed of life. You can also pick from a variety of frames here.wall-art-frame

Waterproof bag
On a serious note, you should definitely carry items that are useful in any kind of calamity, one of them would be a waterproof bag to save up your cameras, guide books, clothes, etc. Won’t that be an understanding gift though?waterproof

Camera Lens Mug
Say cheese to the camera and cheers with the mug! Remember the moment when you had the first coffee at a date with your partner, then that first camera you bought to capture all memories of the trip and now buying this Lens mug would be a tribute to those happy moments.camera-lens-mug

Tote Bags
Lighter the mood implies lighter the bag in trips, hence a tote bag was created for women, who can slay on beaches and during shopping with these quirky and easy-to-carry tote bags. Atleast to avoid carrying your partner’s bag, buy this lighter version of bag for them.tote

Backpack for women
If you’re on a city tour struggling between museums and forts, a backpack for two would be the best carriage to carry your camera, maps, food, souvenirs & make-up items(admit it) everywhere without any difficulty. Now, go take a city walk hand in hand and let bag hang on the back.zbg203_1024x1024

Passport Wallet & Case
If your partner is organized and keeps all the tickets and ids in one place unlike you, who loses things in the pocket – Passport wallet would be the best deal to encourage them with a pinch of wanderlust cover on the wallet for the love of travel.passport-case-travel

We hope that your life is sorted now, just pick items from the above list and wrap it into the backpack of gifts. You can also sneak peak into Proshop24 website for more ideas.

Do write to us at thetravellistforyou@gmail.com if we’ve helped you and your partner liked the present. We want some written credits after all.

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