A street full of food : Thindi Beedi, Bengaluru

A kids tantrum on eating pavbhaji, girls gulping road side golgappa after every bit of shopping, mom asking for some extra momo chutney, grandma’s crazy kulfi eating style and many other instances that show our love for street food. No matter what age group you fall in, you will definitely prefer eating street food anytime. Street food, it is simple and authentic in taste, whether it is a stall running since generations or a newly invented stall like 99 dosa. There are a few other good things about street food like, it is cheaper than main course food, easily available than any restaurant and takes less time to prepare than lasagna.

In this blog, we are going to explore Bangalore’s Khao Gali aka Thindi Beedi. It is located in V.V Puram. This is a place which serves all kind of street food of the entire nation. It is an indeed a mouth-watering, tempting and wallet-friendly deal. It opens around 6 in the evening and the food goes on till 10:30pm

Location: Near sajjan rao circle, viswesapuram, lalbagh. VB bakery is the starting point of khao gali.

Vb bakery is one of the oldest bakery in Bangalore. Different kind of puffs, biscuit, cakes, etc are available here. This bakery is still in its prestine form.I really liked their price menu board, which was a steel board on which menu was written. Try honey cake, toast and cream puff here.

As you move further down the lane, you will see many food stalls. You may get confused, which one to try, don’t you worry, here is the list of the things you must try in Khao Gali.
1. Chinese samosa, soft samosa stuffed with noodles and a ring kind of design outside. Served with sweet and spicy chutney.

2.Raj kachori, good in size, the outer papdi had a unique spicy taste and stuffing inside was filling. Over all it just tastes perfect.

3.Paneer Manchurian, a chinese dish made in desi style was the best. Medium spicy, hot and good in quantity. You will land up asking for more.

4.Kulhad Lassi, sweet, thick and chilled lassi just made my day.

5.Pav bhaji, it tasted like Mumbai ki bhaji, served with buttery Pav.

6.Roomali roti with subji was too good. Wish i could pack these roomali roti and eat with a chicken gravy.

7.Fruit salad with ice-cream and Gulkand, was the unique item on the street. First a layer of Gulkand was put on the leaf, then an ice-cream scoop and fruits like banana, apple, guava, grapes and amla. The combination tasted so well, that it hardly took a minute to eat it.

8.Nannari masala soda, a local drink which was made like a cocktail in a bar.

9. One of the Gujarat’s famous snack, Dabeli, is also must-try.

If that is not enough, then you can also try Ghee Masala Dosa, Akki Roti, Thatte Idli, Chinese Bhel(too much in quantity), Sandwiches,  Badam milk, jalebi and Holige.

We spent around 600. And this amount was shared among 4 of us. Hence it was the best expenditure with stomach full assurance.

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