A tribute to Bappi Da’s songs

Our nation’s very own Gold man, who has entertained us for ages, be it ‘yaar bina chain kahan re..’ or ‘Disco Dancer or the TV reality show judgement or the Guinness Book of World Records for recording over 180 songs for 33 films in 1986 or the great fusion of so many languages in just one song. Let’s spare a few moments to relive the charm of his music and career.
PS : There are no Gold jokes ahead.

1.Born with a Golden Tabla in hand, he started playing tabla at the age of 3.



2.When he came Mumbai, he was 19, that time only he could have thought about such epic songs dedicated to Mumbai.



3.The first Hindi film, Nanha Shikhari for which Bappi Da composed music.



4.Yeah, well said, Nothing is impossible for our legend at the start of his career.



5.A great song from the movie Chalte Chalte (1976).



6.No explanation needed for this, the most popular sound track till date.



7.80’s was Bappi Da’s year. That’s why Bappi Baaki..



8. Legendary Mithun Da when joined hands with Bappi Da, then everyone just lost their chains..



9.Jimmy Jimmy.. Ajaa, Ajaa.. Sweetest romantic song by Bappi Da.



10. Bappi Da, you will always be in our hearts.



11.Asha Bhosle and Shabbir duet in the movie Aag hi Aag.

sajan _a_jaobappida_thetravellist_in


12.Dancing number from the movie Thanedaar with Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri shaking their legs.



13.Super hit song from the 1982 movie Namak Halal.



14.Lata Mangeshkar’s charm and Bappi Da’s tunes resulted in a sweet song.



15.Bappi Da’s Gharana was our favourite one.



16.Guru’s song ek lo ek muft was a unique song, with all those funny punch, Bolo Guru, Bolo hoga kya?



17.Bappi Da sung Ooh Lala, really turned up the heat.

OOH LALA_bappida_thetravellist


18. These lines, my God, “Oh shona, Oh shona…Oh shonduri..Tomar monta diye jao, Tara tari eshe jao..”.



19.And Finally Happy Birthday to the legend, hope there will be Disco Cafe in future with your poster and costume put up there as a tribute.


Hope we grab some Golds after this tribute.

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