An interview with THE HIMALAYAS

Did you ever get a chance to speak to the mountains ? It is like interviewing yourself. You get the answers echoed back with more vigour & clarity.

A trip to the Himalayas led to an interview sharing some of the most precious moments with us. Here it goes –

Q1. Adventurous incident..where did it take place?How did you manage to get out of it? How do you enjoy the adventure?
Nainital, known as the the queen of hills, a small town in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The whole township surrounds the emerald green lake which gives it an awesome view.
After visiting the lakes Naini,Bhimtal etc we reached a place from where we had to ride on horses to reach the topmost point from where we could get the panoramic view of the hills.


But horse riding was quite a fearful experience for me.Moreover the roads were uneven and on both sides there were deep valleys. The climb down the hills was especially scary, every time the horse jumped I screamed.I was afraid that soon I will lose my balance and fall off from the horse’s back.I was in tears.I asked the jockey to help me get off from the horse and I walked down the rest of the way.Walking was difficult as the path was full of stones but much easier than riding the horse.


Q2.Anything funny that happened during the trip.
At Corbett during the jungle safari I was worried whether we would really be lucky enough to spot any tigers and here my hubby was getting tense as to what will happen if the tiger comes and attacks us as we were in an open jeep.Our jeep driver narrated an incident that made me laugh.He introduced us to a lanky shabby looking jeep driver who he said had fainted on seeing the tiger and the guests had to drive the jeep to safety.


Q3. Which was your favorite place out of the three places you visited?
It was Kausani, a tranquil & placid hamlet ideal destination for peaceful holidays in the lap of nature.The panoramic view of the snow clad majestic Himalayas just keeps you mesmerized.


Q4. What is that one thing you liked most about Jim Corbett National park?
Though we could not spot any tigers we saw elephants, jackals, deer and peacocks.One thing I liked about Corbett was the calmness and serenity in the jungles.It was not at all scary as opposed to what someone would think before visiting the National Park.


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