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Be a Tea Travellist

Chai… Har trip mein humko bachaaye.. Tea IS, WAS and WILL ALWAYS remain the silent savior all our holidays. Unknowingly, it contributes a lot to our unshakable determination to travel more.

9:00 A.M. Whatsapp group chat
Soham – Bhai neend aa rahi hai.. Kisi aur din chalte hain.. (with sleepy smileys)
Vishwam – (angry smileys)
Siddharth – (some more sleeping smileys)
Adi – Marr jaao saalo (with the gun smiley)
Vishwam – Raste mein chaai pee lenge poori neend khatam ho jaayegi.. Upar se dhinchak gaana bhi hogaa.. Please chalo na saalo
Jatin – Arey kal bahut daaru pee lee thi.. Aaj thodi chaai pee lete hain.. (with the :p smiley )
and it goes on till 10:00 a.m.


10.30 AM
Tea saves them all. They gather at a local tea stall to have 2 cups of ” Cutting Chai ” to lose their sleep once and for all. Yesss ! They finally make it to MAHABALESHWAR, their destination for the day.

7:30 p.m. conversation in the bus
Jatin – Bhailog main ghar jaa rha hoon.. Tum log jaao night show.. Mere paas Mahabaleshwar ke baad aur energy nahi hai..
Soham – Movie ka plan toh pakka hai.. Koi aaye ya naa aaye.. Kal mera off hai.. Pale ke soungaa film ke baad
Vishwam – Saaale Jatin kya nautanki maar rha hai chal chup chaap
Siddharth – I am also out. Ghanta movie achha hoga. Vaise bhi tired hoon subah se saala..
Adi – Guys Deepika ki movie hai.. I m in..
Soham – Agar movie ka plan cancel huaa, then next month ke trip ke liye I am not coming.. Jo bhi movie pe nahi aaya, main uska kuttaa kaat ke khaaya..


And this goes on till the bus reaches Aund. Once again, tea comes to the rescue and the five friends watch the movie together. Thanks to our very own CHAI POINT, one of the best areas to get oneself relieved from stress & tiredness.

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