8 budget gateways in India #TRENDSETTERS

We all love to spend money on travel, it gives us happiness, but sometimes it can be painful, when you don’t have money in plenty. But we the human have a solution for everything – travelling but saving wherever possible -expensive meals to the AC buses and trains, going to budget gateways instead. Thus, travelling has made us all super smart, now we are saving money to travel and getting used to budget travelling in any place. Let’s see how to cheap thrill in gateways that are not far from your city and do not burn your pocket:

Screw Boredom and go for cycling in Hampi

When was the last time you were curious about the existence of a place? Don’t worry if the answer is no, Bangalore traffic has really made our lives monotonous. To break the pattern, you can go cycling across the historical land of Hampi. The place is merely an overnight journey from Bangalore, buses & trains are available till Hospet which is 13kms away from Hampi. You can visit the ruins of Virupaksha Temple, Krishna Temple and Bazaar, Underground Shiva temple, Lotus Mahal and Vithala temple. Do not miss the coracle boat rides. All the places are lined up pretty well, they will come your way sequentially while cycling across Hampi. There are pretty good homestays and eating joints with amazing food and free wiFi. Cycling would just cost Rs. 75 per day. Your spending will definitely be worth the experience.

Hampi gateways

Nongriat village, Cherrapunjee – Gateway with a pinch of adventure

How about staying in a village, eating local food, staring at the moon across the mountains during the night and also doing a little hardship in reaching the living root bridges. Guwahati folks, this one’s for you, merely 150kms away. Don’t miss to roam around the village, talk with locals and grab the local honey produced there. For your adventurous side, climb a thousand steps to reach the Living Root bridge, which will leave you spellbound. There are 5 bridges out of which 3 are iron made that run over the river, you will certainly be thrilled while crossing them. Double decker bridge is again a treat to the eyes. You can take a dip in the small pool area. Up for trekking? There’s Rainbow waterfall that needs an hour of uphill trek. Don’t think much, just go there, you will not regret. The price for the budget homestays ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1200.

Nongriat in Cherrapunjee gateways

Walk to remember in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Welcome to North-Indian Hampi. People staying in Delhi and Gwalior should definitely consider this place for a break. Located 123 km from Gwalior and 500 km from Delhi in Madhya Pradesh it is still in its very pristine form. You just need a single ticket worth Rs. 10 to get into all the monuments in Orchha. The ticket is available right outside Raja Mahal. Isn’t that cheap thrilling? The mesmerizing beauty of Betwa river and small residential ruins can easily leave you spellbound. Evenings are best spent on the riverside during the sunset near Chattris. Do halt at the tiny open bridge at Betwa river, where people and vehicles are crossing the river and all the tourists go gaga. And find the warmest Homestay at The Friends of Orchha where you can have fun with kids and cook with the locals as well.

betwa river in Orchha gateways

An interesting take on monasteries in Majuli Island

Pack your vehicle and take it along in the ferry. Don’t worry if you don’t have a vehicle, you can also opt for cycling on the island. Ferries are available till 4 PM from Jorhat, Assam. The rice producing island is full of satras, the hindu monasteries dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Attend Naamkirtans(a kind of bhajan) in Satras, meet the mask man and chat with the Khasi tribe(drink rice beer with them). La Maison de Anand is one of the coolest place to stay, bamboo huts with open chilling area outside every room–at an astonishing price of Rs.500 per night. You can also race against river in Garamur on your bike or cycle.

Majuli Island gateways

Gokarna – Easier, calmer and cheaper than Goa

Goa always takes lot of planning and money, so why not Gokarna this time? Just a 8 hour road trip from Bangalore, seems like an easy peasy gateway. Wonderful beaches are lined on your journey, you can either take a boat from one beach to another or trek to all the 4 beaches. Om beach’s beauty, take dip at Half moon’s, relax at Paradise beach and take evening walks on the Kudle beach. Beautiful shacks serve great food and there are a lot of affordable places to stay.


Yercaud – Chill pill gateway

The mini Ooty is a relaxing place for Bangaloreans, around 5 hours road journey. One can spend money on a decent resort and take long walks around lakes and coffee plantation areas. Do visit the tiny market near the bus stand. Anna Park can be added to the wishlist as well.


A taste of France in Pondicherry

It can be an escape for a fancy vacation. One for staying in the French town and next for extremely cheap water sports – this place is a package deal, overnight journey from Bangalore. French breakfast at Baker’s street, ride around the Promenade beach skyline, eat at the 24/7 open Le Cafe, sunbathe at Paradise beach. You can hire a vehicle, and trust us, it’s very cheap and is available near Mission street.

Pondicherry: Flavour of France

Call it Paradise in Mawphanlur

“I’m lying in a tent that is surrounded by lakes and mountains all around, I can see zig-zag roads going uphill. Can I seize this moment?” – That would be the exact thought when you visit Mawphanlur. From fishing to kite flying to water sports to putting your own tents near the lakes to eating at a local’s house will make it an awesome experience. Rooms are available at Rs. 600 and beyond. Get your bike started, it’s just a 145 km drive from Guwahati.


So take this tight pocket as a signal to cover these places where you can make memories without spending a lot. Indeed, a bigger package deal than any 2 Days / 1 Night can provide.

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