Darjeeling – Breaking off the monotony

Courtesy : Sinjini Sarkar

If exams are over, then your life can begin. An ocean of thoughts surrounded my head when I was on my last day of my Board examinations. “I need a breathing space”, I said to myself. And on the last day of my exams, my mom greets me with a package tour to Darjeeling. Oh I so love her. Bags were on their way and the delicious food waited patiently in the respective containers  when I returned home after finishing my exam. But it was pretty annoying that the “travel bug” wasn’t biting me that much.The actual fits of excitement hit me when i reached the station and boarded the train. Vast expanses of tea gardens, and faint outlines of mountains introduced us to the beautiful next day. Thanks to Darjeeling, it was the first day of holidays.


Boarding a bus from jalpaiguri station, we started our way to Darjeeling, the queen of hills. The scenery, the weather,the small decorated houses,and beautiful flowers and the sweet smell of the pines turned the excitement to a feeling of happiness and contentment.


Darjeeling, to be very honest, is a very friendly place, with a lot of curio and tea shops, and of course some very famous restaurants: Glenery’s and Keventers.


If you ever visit darjeeling, and miss these two places, believe me you need to pay another visit for sure. Mall, with its lively market place, is the the heart of Darjeeling. The tourist points: padma naidu himalayan zoological park, H.M.I., Darjeeling Ropeway, tenzing & gombu rock, tea garden, rock garden, Gorkha stadium and Batasia loop. Probably the most common but the best package tour of Darjeeling for a short holiday. Don’t get me wrong, but there are much more to see here, even though, the ones mentioned above are a must-go.


Tiger hill: it is just impossible that you go to Darjeeling and forget to visit the tiger hill. It is regarded as one of the best places of the world to witness sunrise. No exaggeration this time. The changing colour of  the sky as the sun rises, and its reflection upon the white snowcapped Kanchenjunga is eternally beautiful.


If your luck is with you, you are most welcome to witness the rarest species red panda, found in darjeeling zoo.


You may just end up staring at some rare animals and be a silent observer to the yellow-red-orange clouds.


To admit ,that this trip has been one of the best till date. After this trip,personally, I think the combination of mountains,rivers and forests is just, hands down, uncomparable with any other geographic culmination.


P.S. – No matter wherever you go, you are bound to come across Lover’s point, where Teesta and Rangeet rivers meet.

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