Durga Puja : Do’s & Dont’s

Every name, place, animal or thing has its own pros & cons. It’s a smart move if you keep them in mind, plan before hand and make the most of the moment. Keeping these do’s and dont’s in mind, one can easily enjoy Durga Puja. So people let’s get started !!

1.  KEEP MOVING AT A CONSTANT PACE, lest you want to be shouted at by someone or being pushed, as the crowd is crazy as hell 😛



2.  Know the roadmap before you start Pandal Hopping or better mark all the Pandals on your Google Maps in your phone before leaving, so that you don’t miss pandals which are in  the same zone.



3. CARRY THE LEAST AMOUNT OF THINGS WITH YOU, as the crowd will take care of most of your things 😉



4.DROP THE TAXI (in case you are using taxi) WHEN YOU GET DOWN FOR THE PUJO, because considering the heights of disorganization of roads in Kolkata, searching for the same taxi after 30 minutes is not next to impossible, but ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE



5. Don’t come with a FULL STOMACH during Pandal HOPPING as you will miss the FUN of HAVING the Pujo-based delicacies spread across all the Pandals in Kolkata.



6.DON’T WEAR TOO HEAVY CLOTHES JUST BECAUSE IT’S A FESTIVAL.. The amount of sweat generated during Durga Puja in Kolkata is definitely more than the number of hairs on your head (Considering you aren’t bald of course 😛 )



7.DON’T DRINK TOO HEAVILY DURING PUJA (in case you plan to cover North, South & Central Kolkata like us). You will break the momentum of running behind each Durgaa Maa of each Puja..



8.FIND A PLACE TO PARK YOUR CAR. It does take a lot of time. As per our suggestion, you can park your vehicles around parks or better, park where everyone else has parked 😛



9.FOLLOW POLICE INSTRUCTIONS, WHEN AROUND MANY PANDALS. It is actually fun watching the crowd move from one Pandal to the one in the opposite direction. Looks like a border scene.






Take care of the above stuff and enjoy your Durga Puja to the fullest.

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