Find out Seven Travel Stages of Life

Age doesn’t matter unless you’re a true traveller by heart‘ – In childhood, did you force your parents to take a trip during every vacation? Are you the one in your friend circle who is always up for a trip? Are you the one who always let that family/friend reunion happen at a touristy place? If there’s a smile on your face, then you would have definitely come across these travel stages in life or will experience few of them very soon.

1. School excursion will always be the exciting part of childhood, even eating in those large circles and sharing the food was so much fun. level-1-by-the-travellist

2. Once you’re aware of all the streets in your city, you’re all set to discover the so-called weekend getaways by our generation.level-2-by-the-travellist
3. College is always incomplete without that trip of a lifetime, when you’re young, wild and free.

4. Right before your bros are getting married, do whatever you want to do before you loose your jawaani.level-6-by-the-travellist

5. The best way to woo your better half would be any of the romantic destination on this planet.level-3-by-the-travellist

6. Once you become parents, take your parents, wife and kids to a place where people of all age can have enjoy(responsible travelling).level-5-by-the-travellist

7. We know you’re getting old and can not travel like freaks, but still, there are many religious places, to keep you calm and let that travel kid alive at such old age.level-4-by-the-travellist

Such beautiful is our life, just the places changes, but we simply travel. Until then keep travelling until you run out of that wanderlust.

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