For those who always drop plans to take trips!

There are two types of people in this world – One who takes the trip and other who just plans for a trip. ‘My sadist boss cancelled my holidays’, ‘there was not enough money for the trip’, ‘trip is a tiring affair’ and countless other excuses that you make to NOT take a trip. Cut it out now. We’re are making a serious attempt to tease such people, whose trip ke armaan, bus planning tak rehgaye.

1. You guys must probably be surfing sites like Make My Trip, Skyscanner, etc but when holidays will come you will be seen paying bills, really?
Pay bill with The Travellist

2. So what will you prefer – Selfies with mountains or selfie at home(okay, you have Prisma).
selfie with thetravellist

3. You’re stuck in traffic but dreaming of a road trip, isn’t it?
Traffic jam by The Travellist

4. The cool looking shades on a trip or hardly cool spectacles, choice is yours!
Look Cool with thetravellist

5. Looking for the perfect bus on or you just passed by a red bus?
Red bus with The Travellist

6.  There will always be a tough choice between Oyo rooms or Oye ghar.
Oyo room with The Travellist

7. Which map you want to see, sir – City Tour or Uber?
uber the travellist

8. Making itinerary using Trip advisor or stuck in conversation with some another advisor.
Itinerary with tripadvisor

9. Eating(and drinking) at a shack or eating those Dal Chawal on the dinner table, confused where to dine?
Eat food with thetravellist

10. Taking trip with best friends vs watching friends trip check-ins online.
plan trip with friends the travellist

We hope that this confuses you more for being a person, who is not following their travel guts!

Take a break this long weekend and make that so-called trip, that you might be planning since long.

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