Hometown wali Puja @Bhagalpur, Bihar by Aasha

Some beautiful pics &  cover picture courtesy: http://www.merabhagalpur.com/durgapuja.html

With red color flying in the air to all bollywood bhajans being aired it was a day filled with energy and happiness.It had been 6 years since I was last in my hometown(Bhagalpur) for Durga Puja celebrations.It has been a trend in Bhagalpur to replicate beautiful architectures throughout the world as Pandals to shelter Maa Durga .

This time it was ‘Grand Palace’ from Thailand and many more.It was a huge, stunning, multi colored architecture reflecting the hard work of many people.I had a chance of visiting ‘White House’ too just to meet Maa Durga 😉 Apart from architectural beauty, the food pandals were yummy.From golgappas to momos, chowmein to dosa, there was a wide variety of food available and everything had a perfect taste.It was so difficult to control oneself, in spite of big queues for ordering the food.

There were people all around dressed in their best clothes, celebrating with smiles on their faces as if everything bad had come to an end. I felt refreshed to start looking over my life again with all the zeal and enthusiasm.

PS:Find out time for yourself,go back to your hometown and relive those simple happy moments,it brings you back to life.


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