Hyderabadi equivalent of Delhi and vice versa

Two cities, one in North India and other in South India – but alike, from places to food, and how? Whenever we travel, we always think of similar things we have seen in the other city and start the usual comparison, that which one is better. But that’s where the beauty of these places lies, despite being separated geographically, they are related via a lot of activities that happen at each place. Let’s found out some similarities between the city of Mughals and the city of Nizams:

1. The so-called cool placesHyderabad-Delhi Shopping placesThe Travellist.jpg

2. Your evening AzanHyderabad-Delhi- Masjid The Travellist

3. Slightly different Airports Hyderabad-Delhi-Airport The Travellist

4. What goes best with chai?Hyderabad-Delhi-bakery The Travellist.jpg

5. Birla MandirsHyderabad-Delhi-Birla Mandir The Travellist

6. Which is your cup of tea?Hyderabad-Delhi-chai The Travellist

7. Which expressway you take or you will take??Hyderabad-Delhi-expressway The Travellist

8. Meat craving, huh?Hyderabad-Delhi-Food The Travellist.jpg

9. Thanks for keeping both the gates open at all times.Hyderabad-Delhi-gates-The Travellist.jpg

10. Your regular packet of milkHyderabad-Delhi-heritage-mother-dairy The Travellist

11. The old city flavourHyderabad-Delhi-old city The Travellist.jpg

12. The usual breakfastHyderabad-Delhi-sauces The Travellist

Do you know similarities between cities, do let us know, we’re always up for such gossip.

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