I for India, I for ice cream

As everyone knows that a meal is incomplete without dessert(or many), similarly a trip is incomplete without stopping by at the local ice cream parlour. India is equally diverse in the kind of local ice cream parlours that are perhaps more popular than the international brands such as Baskin Robins or Häagen-Dazs. Scoop up your trip with these popular ice cream joints in India and maintain the ‘cool’ during your trip.

Giani’s – Every Delhiwala will give you this gyan

Founded in 1956, this is the legend among the ice-cream parlours. Present in all corners of Delhi, serving fruit ice-creams to dark chocolates to Kulfi to Shakes – it’s a complete package for your sweet tooth. And a catch, they deliver to your doorstep too.

Naturals – Naturally Mumbai

They have some of the finest ice-creams when it comes to taste and flavours. Coconut, Sitaphal, Jackfruit, watermelon and the list of unique flavours goes on. They are gradually freezing people over India with joints in Delhi and Bangalore.

Corner House Ice-creams – Bangalore’s in-house coolness

A place, where you will find all sorts of sundaes from chocolate flavours to the mixed fruit. Death by chocolate and Triology(for chocolate haters). Prices are decent and the store is there in all prominent locations.

Famous Ice creams – Hyderabadi fame

For the love of fresh fruit ice creams, one should not miss this place. The place is still in it’s authentic ambiance setup with family audience visiting for post meal sweet craving.

Jal Mahal Ice cream parlour – serving Jaipur’s joyful sundaes

Most of us would have roamed on the MI road for food and local market and definitely came across this tiny joint serving variety of ice cream scoops, shakes and sundaes. Sundaes served here are great(Fruit Bonanza is highly recommended).

Pabbas – Mangalore’s ice cream madness overloaded

Looking for the best ice cream in town? This is the place where Mangaloreans are usually found after dinner time. Their interesting menu with special ice-creams is enough to tempt for the next visit.

Flavours-24 – inspired by Goa’s 24×7 lifestyle

As the name suggested, there are enough flavours to try on your nth trip to Goa. Their scoops are super cheap and it is located in Baga and Panaji.

Get Desserted – Chandigarh’s sweet desserted zone

In India’s most planned city, an ice cream parlour that serves fancy topped ice creams with flavours ranging from fresh fruits to exotic. Do try the Paan ice-cream.

Hence, whenever you’re traveling to these cities, do not forget to stop by and get lost in the world of ice cream scoops.

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