Aah ! At last… Durga Puja @Kolkata by Digbijoy

I just shifted to Kolkata last month. Although I celebrate pujo in Tripura (my hometown), it was my first visit in Kolkata during Durga pujo. As I was new, I did not know any place to visit pandals . So i took help, unknown dee (internet friend) gave me a list to visit pandals. I prefered South Kolkata pujo, some places of South kolkata like Sealladh, Dhakuria,Ballygunge etc.had excellent Pandals

I visited lots of pandals like Santosphur lake , MD Ali park, College square ,Babubagan, selimpur ,etc. But the most attractive of them  was “Desopriya park” where the tallest Maa Durga was made. I was not expecting to visit this Pandal but luckily I got a chance visit the place. To my dismay it was closed for public due to some reason.


 Here the public are so energetic to visit pandals that they can walk all night just to visit pandals.Here the officials make proper security arrangments so that nothing unruly can happen during durga puja.

If u go outside and not taste Non veg items you are missing something really special. People are crazy to eat Egg Rolls, Chicken Biriyani and also sweets.


I want to thank the Traffic police, NSS cadres,and the police did their duty inspite when people were on holiday. Also special thanks to my internet Friend.

I will remeber and Cherish these memory for a  long time. I got my answer as to why people die to visit Kolkata during Durga pujo

Please keep your enviroment clean and green.

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