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Love happened quite before the travel bug!

Presenting the beautiful couple – Laura and Tanbay from England & Germany respectively, who believes in travelling luxuriously and Weasel-ing their way out of the rat race. Let’s sneak peek into their travel-mance this Valentine’s day:

Love at first trip; was travelling that connecting factor?
We actually started dating 10 years ago and only started travelling 4 years ago – we were bitten quite late by the travel bug!

How smooth is the trip with your partner, any tantrums?  How travel compatible are you?
Our trips normally run very smoothly. We are very travel compatible – Laura is great at planning and reading maps and Tanbay is great at everything else.

Any trip that wouldn’t have been impossible without the other person?
All of our trips! We hate travelling without each other – it’s so much harder and it’s boring!

Which place do you want to get stuck with your travel partner and why?
There have been a few places where we’ve genuinely considered staying forever including: Edmonton, Canada; Budapest, Hungary, Bangkok, Thailand; Hanoi, Vietnam; Melbourne, Australia and Slovenia

A date under the sky on beach, dessert or mountains for the Valentine’s day.
On the beach for sure!

Any scheme/saving tips for young couples travelling?
Travel as a team – look out for each other and have each other’s backs!

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