Moms and Winters

We all have these fond memories of winters in which Mothers play a very vital role of entertainment and torture. One of the Winterfied Mom’s cliche lines  ‘beta, sweater pehno, warna thand lag jayegi…’ to all other jargons, you are going to here in the coming post.  Let’s sit back in blankets and rewind those moments

1.Grandma’s love for grandpa, children, grandchildren, in-laws, relatives, neighbours and so on.

2.We still don’t get the point of NOT taking cough inside.rsz_1cough_winter_thetravellist

3.Most of us must have gone through this phase in schools, seriously those tight slacks.rsz_pajaami_winter_thetravellist

4.All those people who carried orange to school, had more fun when it was squeezed on their friend’s eyes.rsz_santra_winter_thetravellist

5.Socks is mandatory everywhere, be it bedroom or even washroom.rsz_socks_winter_thetravellist

6.One serious commitment everyone has in winters – the razai or kambhal.rsz_rajai_winter_thetravellist

7.‘Kaan me hawa chale Jane se, thand bhet jaati hai’, enough torture, Mom.rsz_kaan_winter_thetravellist

8.Winter’s special drink with all sorts of jadi-booties inside to keep you healthy.rsz_juice_winter_thetravellist

9.And there comes the most anticipated winter desserts which can lead to some serious fights over food in the family.rsz_gajar_winter_thetravellist

Now get off and hug your Mom for being so awesome and caring.


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