My First Durgapuja Experience @Durgapur by Rajni

This was (2015) my first Durga Puja in Durgapur and I enjoyed the celebration of traditional culture and customs. The most attractive thing was ‘pandals’.


As I am from Madhya Pradesh, I have never seen such huge Pandals, so many pandals were made at almost every nook and corner of the city, some of them were very huge and beautifully decorated.

Pandal Top View

Along with these pandals there was also a mela (fair). At this time there was so much rush in the city due to this I just saw 8 pandals, they were made on a specific theme.

Pandal in Durgapur


One of them was made up of soil and sand (phuljhor) and one was made up of grass. Another one was in the shape of a fort….etc.

Pandal Exteriors


Have look to some artistic designs in the Pandals

Creative Art in Pandal

Creative Art inside Pandal

It was certainly an excellent experience.

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