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The term —’road’ has often found its way into the words and works of many poets, writers, moviemakers and artists worldwide.  Be  it in  the  form  of a physical entity or just metaphors and analogies, roads have  been  significantly  showing their presence around us. We simply can’t escape them. What I find truly alluring  about this term, is the fact that there is this universal quality that it brings along with it — a sense of ambiguity that lies at the other end of the road that makes it even more interesting. Roads are not just layers of bitumen, they  are  ‘the’  choices  that  we make — maybe in the form of a career decision, a career switch, a holiday, a trek, a daydream, a new relationship and what not. And while doing so, we often find ourselves at loggerheads with the mind, heart, people around, our past, present and future. To add to it, there’s the dreaded  ‘risk’  that  demands  to be  taken.  Yes, we have seen it all!

Travelling is not just the medium to shift from point  A to point  B, but  it is the chance that we give to the world to be discovered and cherished and more so, to ourselves, because roads bring with them journeys — that have the  power  to transform our thoughts, equip us with dreams in the heart, hope in the eyes  and  a faith in the universe that has bestowed  upon  us  the  privilege  of being  a human. That  despite  how  badly  we  fall,  we  shall  remain  optimistic  enough  to  rise each time and keep moving  ahead in  life greeting us at each step, in unprecedented  ways.

As I write this, I reminisce my memories of watching one of my favorite movies — ‘Highway’, wherein the lead character —‘Veera’ stumbles upon  a  completely different version of herself as she willingly undertakes a journey to nowhere, after being  kidnapped  by  dacoits.  Odd,  but  perfectly  humane!  There  were scenes that totally blew away my mind. Like the ones in which  Veera  astonishingly recollects and introspects about the sudden turnover of events in her life and  later, unhesitatingly confesses to her kidnapper, ‘Mahabir’ about traumatic  episodes from her harrowing past. It was amazing to see how so much an unexpected journey  and the circumstances involved could positively transform a disturbed citydweller to such an extent. The serene landscapes, the terrains, saltpans, hillside vegetation, cultures, pasts and choices — all so cohesively create a visual masterpiece and lessons to remember. No wonder, Imtiaz Ali would forever remain one  of  the  most admirable  storytellers around.

Travelling is thus inevitable, instead of visualizing it as a separate term, I prefer to describe it as the ultimate spacetime confluence that constantly makes us push the boundaries. I consider it much more that a medium of escaping  from work.  We might need to rethink our notion about travelling, to just  being a holiday. I  believe we should perceive our lives in a different light altogether, one that is sensitively balanced, where all our individual ‘work,leisure journeys’, experiences can be shared and the resulting overlap could possibly be the perfect  destination  that  we can dream about. What remains crucial is the fact that we ought to  dare  and go a little off the cuff, keep taking the next  foot forward, putting  all our inhibitions  to rest and being to places where we have never been before, one at a  time.

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  • Roads are just not the layers of bitumen but the choices we make!!
    This just changes the whole perception of road and shows what a wider gravity the word road has in our lives…
    Very well written Rini Di 🙂 🙂

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