When an MP-ite goes Bengali @Pune by Shuchi

My this year’s Durga Pooja was one of the best as I got a chance to cherish the most of the “Authentic Bengali” Durga Pooja pandal.


I was very excited as I was about to see the most beautifully celebrated festival of India in their style, as said by my Bengali friend who made it possible for us. We had no time and wanted to cover as many pandals as we could.

Our first spot was “Congress Bhavan” and I was just amazed to see the very beautiful statue of Durga Maa. To our surprise we also got a chance to see “Anjali” that time there.


And since it was my first experience of taking the full feel of Bengali tradition, I just got lost.

After that we covered 3 more pandals in which I found the pandal of “Khadki Kali Bari” the most beautifully built. It’s entrance attracted me a lot.


This day’s visit made my excitement grow for the next day’s visit.


One more friend joined us the next day and she was also very excited. We covered 3 pandals that day capturing all the glory of Durga Maa in our eyes for this year as it was the last day of Navratri. The ‘Protima’ which made us speechless was of “Kalyani Nagar”, Huge and so attractive it was, Best of all.

We also had ‘Bhog‘ in pandal of “Camp” which was very very tasty and tried as many ‘Bengali Mithai’ as we could in every pandal that day.



The best one was “Shondesh” and its taste was so good that now also my mouth is watering describing its taste.. :p.

Since I am from Madhya Pradesh and my other friend is a Maharashtrian, it was a treat for us to watch all this. We had an awesome experience and a big Thanks to our Bengali friend for making us experience the same.

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