Saptami se Dussehra @Patna, Bihar by Ankita

Durga puja is one of the most celebrated festivals in Patna.. Mahalaya marks the beginning of the festival.. It has 10 days.. On the first day the Kalash is established.. From Saptami we can start seeing the idols after the puja of that day is complete.. So, we start our visit of the Pandals on that day.. All the people dress traditionally and roam around.


Pandals are made everywhere with different designs.. Idols reside inside the Pandals.. Each one is heavily decorated.. Pandals are generally constructed in the shape of some monument or temple..


We started our Pandal hopping on Saptami saw few nearby Pandals.. The idols were very beautiful and decorated with a lot of jewellery.. There was an ample amount of crowd on the first day itself. In every Pandal prasad was being distributed.. Opposite the Pandals, there were many different rides catering to every age group.. We rode on some.. There were a lot food vendors on the streets.. We ate pani puri, litti choka, few sweets and ice-cream.

maa_murthi_ankita_blog                                                                       Jagdeo Path

On the next day i.e. Ashtami we went for puja in the morning.. In this puja Durga Maa is crowned and is gracefully decorated.. In the evening we saw Pandals in other parts of the city.. One was constructed in shape of Red Fort.. Along with Pandal, there was also a mini carnival kind of thing to attract the crowd..


Like a bear dancing on the beats of damroo..


On the way we saw another pandal where several umbrellas were hanging upside down.. It was really beautiful.. There was a prize on counting the number of umbrellas too..

Creative Umbrella ceiling in Pandal
Entire city was lighted.. Various things were depicted using lights on the streets, like Lord Hanuman splitting his chest and Lord Rama residing within it.. We also visited a pandal which seemed like Eiffel Tower..


On Navami we went to a place where a pandit puts kalash on his chest every year.. He remains like that for nine days.. Without food and water.. Every year the number of the kalash increases.. After that we went to Kali Baadi where the idols are designed in Bengali style.. Outside that place we could several varieties of food to eat.. We had dinner there and came back..


On the next day we went to Gandhi Maidan where the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnath were burnt.. This marks the winning of goodness over evil.. Lanka dahan was also there along with that…


More Pictures 



 Bailey Road Canal Bridge






Creativity with light @ Dak Bungalow


Let’s row!! @ Dak Bungalow


Dak Bungalow from outside








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