Stupid things friends always do on every trip!

“Life  Trip is incomplete without friends!”

Travelling is the best way to cherish friendship. You are always free(transparent) with friends and visiting a new place and making sure your  never ending list of ‘Places to visit’ just got shorter, makes everything perfect. We always want to have a reunion with friends at some new happening place? Why? That’s where the beauty of travelling lies. Hence, we decided to relive all the funny and special moments that might not have been possible without friends on the trip.

1. ‘Dil Chahta hai’ movie will always be the friend of invention for such pictures which we usually end up taking in our trips.


2. Our friends can mix one of the most romantic scenes we’ve seen in reel life in Titanic with double SRK effect in one frame.

titanic (1)

3. Kala Chashmas(irrespective of white face) are must for travel swag and of course cool pictures with friends. 😎

The Travel Swag

4. Most of us can sit on roads when with friends, the sophistication is forgotten and we get crazy, unlike our thoughts when we see someone sitting on the road in a city.


5. So, who will be the mermaid today? Can this be possible without friends?


6. Pillion rider is always fun! Be it helping in directions, backup driver or simply entertaining.

bike partner

7. These monkeys have got great comic timing and a trio of friends can not complete a trip without taking this picture.


8. Throw waste in the dustbin, but friends, anywhere on the trip.

throwing friend

9. Do you think singing songs during the journey is real joy, absolutely!

music 1

10. Before you get all tired in the trip, friends always make a point to have a game of poker or cards.


11. Feet look so pretty in water, don’t they, dip it and click it!


12. The tussle between friends due to directions is the best, let’s see who is right?


13. You will definitely have one such friend, who will make sure that shampoo, soap, sugar, tea bags, coffee and whatever is free in hotel room, goes with you from the trip.


14. What can be the better than crashing a party with your buddies in a new place, where nobody knows you.


15. And… Jump High! The signature thing to do with your gang on almost every trip.


Now go and take your friend for a chai for making all the trips memorable. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends(just for sentiyappa).

PS: All the photos are stolen from my friends’ Facebook account. I want them to get shocked when they see their photos here. Am I messing?

Anyways, Happy Friendship Day!

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