That’s where I felt so Indian in my trip

I, the blogger of India pledge to share the tales of pride on our journey in India, highlighting our heritage – monument or form of art, indigenous culture – dance forms, cuisines or festivals, hill peaks where we found India’s flag and our eyes were numb and crossing India’s border was like going away from home.

1) Indira Gandhi national park, Bangalore
For the first time ever, opted for HOHO( hop on and hop off) bus tour of the city of Bangalore and little was I aware of this place called as Indira Gandhi National Park. All the tanks and the garden was followed by a wall on which you can find names of martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the war. And a big tall Indian flag rising above the wall, which was such a beauty! You can also view this flag from surrounding areas of the park.

2) Wagah Border, Amritsar
Imagine a big amphitheater, lot of enthusiastic Indians and beats of dhol. That’s what we call the celebration of being Indian. Everyone is hooting and dancing together to show their Indianness to Pakistan on other side of the border. The parade and small duration for which border gate opens is just invaluable.

3) India gate, New Delhi
This place is of great significance and pride for every Indian as it is dedicated to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in our struggle for freedom. You can see their name embarked on the walls of the gate and Amar jawan jyoti always lighting up in the memoirs. Take a round of the gate and then you’ll realise it’s actual charm.

4) Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad
Quit India moment, Dandi March, Gandhi’s approach to get freedom and countless things in the Ashram will teach you a lesson on the way he loved our nation and inspired others to get our hard fought freedom. Salute!

Sabarmati Ashram
5) Lumbini Park, Hyderabad
How to connect a bunch of tourist from different states? We all have one thing in common – we’re Indians. The laser show at Lumbini Park shows the beauty of our nation – the flag, culture, renowned people and much more to keep all the viewers captivated in desh bhakti.

6) Ramoji dance, Hyderabad
Jai ho! Should be the culture anthem of India, it has so much patriotism in it. Young guys performing on this song at Ramoji is one sort of dedication to mother India. Dharti Maa, India flags and costumes were the highlights of the show.


There might be lot of such places in India, which will evoke patriotism in you. No matter, whether you’re a true desh bhakt or not, you’ll have a moment of pride for your country!

Happy Independence Day 🇮🇳

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