The 2016 Winter Wardrobe

You gonna miss a flight/bus/cab ? Wait ! Hang on. Let’s verify your checklist first.

At the onset of 2016, this article goes out to all the hasty backpackers who are in a hurry to end the year 2015 with a BANG.

Here are some ESSENTIAL CLOTHING TIPS for winter travel –

1. Carry Warm accessories

Warm zip-up jackets, lightweight socks and inner full sleeve tees will keep you comfortable.

P.S. : Tee shirt materials – Polyester/Merino wool will be the appropriate fit to adapt to the weather conditions.

Remember well that it’s icy cold outside ! So only a pair of heavy shoes will not be enough for the much needed warmth. At least 3 pairs of light & 1 pair of heavy socks are a must-carry.

2. Pack lightweight hoodies (2 or 3) and 1 or 2 sweaters as they would take less baggage space.

3. Caps – A must for keeping your head warm. When the wind is powerful, heavy clothing will prevent only your body, not your ears, which by now would be screaming with cold.

4. Gloves – Thin, waterproof ones

Pick up the ones which you think would dry quickly.

5. Some EXTRA-COZY accessories –

1) Scarf

If the destination is harsh in terms of weather, A SCARF will be the perfect add on.

2) Coat

Long, oversized coats with lots of layers underneath will make you feel wonderful even in freezing cold.

Some COLOR SUGGESTIONS for your attire-

1. Paint it BLACK

Black objects absorb the maximum heat. Black-colored inners will keep you cosy from inside & healthy from outside.


In case you don’t want black to be the color for your outer wear –

Try darker colour combinations (maroon, navy blue, dark brown, gray etc.)


I. Adding a sexy hat to my backpack gives me that warm sensation without spoiling my attire, so its like killing two birds in one shot.

2. A beautiful ultralight puffy jacket keeps me luxurious even in the worst weather.

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