Flavours of Freedom : The Beginning

It was about 12 pm. when Rohit landed at the Dum Dum Airport. I was occupied with my relatives at my father’s guest home in Parnashree when he came. But such was Kolkata’s traffic at the onset of this gigantic festival that by the time he arrived, my relatives were gone. Umm.. well, that’s not all. My friend and the driver, coincidentally, both non-Bengalis got along pretty well. I presume this because my friend reached exactly an hour late, and not more. Apart from abusing ladies on his way, the crazy driver, who was supposed to fetch my friend from the Airport to my place, began his crazy talk, bragging about some so called “Rajiv Handa” whose name nobody had heard till then.

Driver : “Ei ! Baraf pe chal re ho kya, tej chalona ”

The 5-day extravaganza began with a bang ! Rohit got so excited seeing me come towards him that he left his suitcase in the taxi. It was like a duck on the first ball of the 5-day test match. The taxi had left, and we had no clue how to get back the baggage. After cursing the world for destroying our plan, which was set up that morning itself, our eyes gleamed as we saw the same taxi coming back. The driver said ” Bangladesh tak bhi gaya hota toh bhi vaapas aata saaman dene”. Rajiv Handa’s man proved to be a savior. Then, as expected, he blabbered some nice shit for 3-4 minutes before we could thank him wholeheartedly and get started.

North, South, East, West. Kolkata is the best. Jai Maa Durga !!! Durga gave us just 4.5 days to see her, and in these 4.5 days, we had to cover the Pujas of North, South, East & West. But we did make it till the very end, because Kolkata indeed is the best. And Thanks to my dear Dad, who left the guest home for us, we didn’t have to worry about the stay or the tour vehicle, which was available 24*7 at our disposal.

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