Travel Education is a must

Travelectual(intellectual) alert ahead. These subjects can really blow your mind with all the travel fascination that a traveller has, whether it’s about a place or other travellers whom one adores, perhaps these subjects are just enough to gather a PHD in travelling. Hence, enroll yourself in our courses and hope you have a good time.

1. The Travel EconomicsTravelnomics

2. The Travel GeographyTravelgraphy

3. The Travel pathyTravelPathy

4. The Travel BiologyTravelbiology

5. The Travel History

6. The Travel AnalysisTravelanaysis

7. The Travel PsychologyTravelscychology

8. The Travel JouralismTravel Journalism

9. The Travel MarketingTravel Marketing

10. The Travel DesignTravel Design

11. The Utlimate Law of TravelLaw of Travel


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