UNITED @Rourkela, Odisha by Pankaj

“UNITED”  would be more appropriate to describe durga pooja . From my point of view its not the pooja,it’s the pandal ,the decorative town with all people around wearing glamorous dresses all together enjoying this beautiful six days which starts with Mahalaya and ends with Vijaydashami.

It’s a pooja where the whole family gets united , from age 1 to 101 be it anybody everyone gets involved. With children enjoying the holidays, environment, the rides , the outside thela food sold at pandal , purchasing toys , at times playing different games and parents happy to see spend good amount of time with their children , at times frustrated as the energy of a child during this period is at peak.


Talking about my town Rourkela in particular, its in Odisha and it’s the biggest festival for us. We just don’t say we celebrate it with great pomp and show. Our whole town is divided into 21 Sectors and every sector prepares its own pandal , the most beautiful pandal on vijaydashami gets the prize. So it becomes a matter of pride and every sector tries to outclass the other.


By far the best pooja  pandal from my point of view was built by sector 6 on 2006 when they used the concept of the titanic boat . Maa durga is dressed in best of attire (red saree) and with best of ornaments. The beauty of architecture  amazes me. Each pandal having something different than the other in terms of maa durga Murti too .Somewhere made of clay, somewhere rice .

I would sum up to say for me it is a festival where I get to spend a quality time with my family, in a beautiful decorative town, nothing lesser than any holiday destination .

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