When I think of Friends, I think of Bhutan by Bidisha Banik

I saw her first on my birthday back in 2011, it was the registration day at our college before the start of the academic session for MBA (2011-2013) and all I could think was I am not going to befriend this one girl as she looks the smuggest of all. Well, little did I know that she would eventually become the reason why I would know the others and later this would be the gang I wouldn’t survive without.

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Well, Supriya somehow won my heart with her periodic eccentricity and her weird ways such as her affinity for everything purple. Along came Priya, with her absolutely unpredictable mood swings and grumpy face and all of us bonded together like atoms forming a molecule. Then we met Sonam, who was Supriya’s friend since her graduation years, and her calm and composed demeanor was something we as a crazy bunch were not accustomed to, but it didn’t take much time to hit it off with her, as she wasn’t any less crazy than us. Thus, we cemented a friendship stronger than Ambuja cement.

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It was only after all of us went on a job quitting spree in 2016 that we decided we needed to travel together and thus Bhutan happened. Sonam belongs to Bhutan and she generously invited all of us to her beautiful country and what else did we need. We headed off to Bhutan in March this year and entered the country via Phuentsholling. The joy of being together on a trip and that too, to a different country was simply exhilarating.

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After being warmly welcomed into the most beautiful and cozy Bhutanese household we were served the best comfort food ever and that was an instant where all of us actually fell in love with the Bhutanese culture and cuisine. The next days were spent in blissful trips across the places near Thimphu and Paro. From braving the cold strong breeze at Kuenselphodrang while trying to click the perfect selfie to cheering each other while hiking up to Tiger’s Nest in Paro, from enjoying a delicious packed lunch on a picnic at Punakha to meeting a very learned and wise Rinpoche in Thimphu, everything about this trip was captivating.

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When you travel with your friends you discover a lot and not just about the places you see together but also about each other. How you react at times of crisis or when one of us has to adjust for the convenience of the other, or even while taking care of each other, are all the moments when you realise how far you have come as friends and companions and this realization is what makes you confident that these people will always have your back no matter what.

This is to our friendship and many more years of such trips to come.

Happy Friendship Day to all.

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