The Musical “Journey” of Bollywood on World Music Day

“Music is my escape. So is traveling..”
Music, an ever-ready companion for everyone, is always with you. This friend of yours sits in your car or even when you are walking, you are always plugged in by earphones. Music has memory and future both at the same time. It makes you thoughtful of the unfortunate events but makes you crazy to imagine yourself singing or dancing at your favourite holiday destination. Music makes you laugh, music makes you cry. But with these ups and downs, music makes you flow. Flow through the hour of time, writing every journey of your life like a musical voyage.

So on this occasion of World Music Day, we share our latest Bollywood playlist, which is mandatory on every trip, as they just about make the right mood for your journey.

1. Matargashti – Tamasha
Are you in a for fun,masti and dance ? Just play this song along with all the people in the trip, whether it’s a khuli sadak or chahe zanana ya mardana.

2. Aao Milo Chalen – Jab We Met
Going from Ratlam ki Galiyaan to Bhatinda via Rajasthan, humming this song during the journey, will relax your mind for sure, even if you are not aware of your destination (Jaana Kahan Ho, Na ho Pata).

3. Dil Chahta Hai – Dil Chahta Hai
Hope these chamkeelen days never ends and this journey keeps on going with all your friends, cherish these moments with your friends with this song.

4. Ilahi – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Thinking about a trip, looking out for a great trip on this journey and even remembering all the past trip, make you traveler Ji(soul) stronger. ‘Kande pe mera basta, chaon jahan le chale tumhe rasta‘.

5. Chaiyya Chaiyya – Dil Se
Live your love if you can. But you don’t need Ishq ki Chaaon over you to enjoy this song, just chaiyya chaiyya, chal chaiyya chaiyya. Best enjoyed in(not over) the train journey, and if possible a rain journey.

6. Hairat – Anjaana Anjaani
Make all your moments a Hairat(surprise). All the ways to get to the final destination will go colorful in sometime (Rangne lage hai, manzil ko paane ke raha saare!).

7. Journey Song – Piku
Hum chale Hawaaon me, gungunaati raahon mein
dhadkanein bhi tez hain, ab kya karein‘ – beautiful lines. A family that lives together stays together.

8. Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi – Swades
Whenever a road talks to you and say you’re going to meet someone on your journey, oh, it’s not Shahrukh Khan but the last station of your trip.

9. Patakha Guddi – Highway
This song is a miracle by Nooran sisters and A.R. Rehman, play this on full bass and enjoy your trip.

10. Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari – Chennai Express
The song is magical, with such simple lyrics, it will make you smile and sing along wherever you are, and not just amidst tea gardens.

Soundcloud it, Download it, just save these songs for your tour and RUN THEM ON EVERY TRIP. And yeah ! One last thing, let the music play till you reach your gateway to heaven !

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