A day just for food in Bengaluru

What can a normal person do in Bangalore: work, eat, drink, repeat. I know it is too bad from exploring perspective. So here is an idea of how you can spend your weekend. In simple words, we call it Food Hopping. Just eat all day long.

Thank you guys,
Singla – the one with anything will work attitude
Kartikeya – the one busy with saying that a place is expensive
Ayushi – the one where Ayushi was just using Instagram
Nishchal – the one who was stuck in a bunch of meat eaters

Are you the one who live to eat? Can you spend the entire day eating? Are you the one who is always in a mood to try something new at some place? Is Zomato still open on your screen? Enough, don’t think of chicken tikka now.

My friend Singla who checks Zomato more than emails in the office is always in a mood to eat at different places( that includes girls’ house too). He came up with an idea of hopping.

How to proceed?

  1. Decide the location first. Which area food will be attack?
  2. Look for the restaurants based on meals. Like for breakfast, look into Zomato’s great breakfast category and likewise.
  3. By now the breakfast, lunch and dinner must be decided. Then look up for places that serve great snacks, fast food, beverages or bakery item to fill the gap between meals and keep the foodie going.
  4. While short listing places take care of the budget, we created a rough estimate for each place, all strikes right except one. Make sure that restaurants are not too far from each other, we were lucky as we had 5*6 free Uber rides of up to Rs 400 each.
  5. It will be better to be partial in terms of food, either non-vegetarian or vegetarian. As it makes healthy share in the end.
  6. Do not over eat. Try things, no gluttony.
  7. Follow the rule of childhood, share food beta!
  8. Do some research on reviews on Zomato.
  9. Take suggestions from waiters before ordering.

All set to take off? Control your appetite tight.

First stop: Koshys, St. Marks road


A big hall with old black and white photographs on the wall, creaky ceiling fan, huge pillars and dusty windows. It was almost full when we reached there. People of all age group were there. This place has its own charm since 1940. Famous people like Jawaharlal Nehru, Queen Elizabeth II also dined here.

Hungry huh? After all this amazement and discussion about crowd, we looked at the menu. There were so many kinds of omelette, toast, sandwiches and cutlets, that our big foodie Singla was worried that he could not grab everything that day. They also serve Sunday Kerala special, reach there around 8:55, to grab a seat.

Food ordered:
Bacon omelette
Taste: Normal, you can easily make out that you are eating two different thing together. The blend should be proper.
Price: Expensive
Quantity: what am I saying?
Condition: not so hot

Taste: it had a different taste, but none of us liked it
Price: High
Quantity: hardly a stick
Condition: room temperature only

Bombay Toast
Taste: the one who ordered this went to a shocking state. It was sweet and not at all tasty. Not recommended
Price: expensive for a pair of bread and little stuffing
Quantity: too less
Condition: cold

English breakfast tea. You will get two small cup of tea and milk and a mini strainer.


Taste: nice and soothing taste. The milk was thick and good.
Price: cheap
Quantity: enough for 3 people
Condition: hot

Waiters were not at all friendly. Service was quick. Price on a average was high. Legendary ambiance.
All of us were not happy eating here. But we may come here to try something good that we missed this time.

Second stop: Indijoe Sizzlers, Church Street, 100 metres away


It is restaurant cum bar, which offers some great sizzlers, music and happy hours. It is an American style restaurant. Old disc records, musical instruments, old posters and a lot cooler things are hung on the wall. A fun place to just sit back with friends over good rock classic music and decent food. They have a variety of sauces, which you should experiment with your dish.

Food ordered:
Jerk Chicken Sizzler
Taste: A bed of noodles, variety of vegetables, fries, chicken and their famous jerk sauce, makes it an amazing sizzler. It was tasty with apt amount of contents and sauce.
Price: decent, around 420
Quantity: I bet one person can not finish it.
condition: it was served damn hot.


Jerk paneer sizzler
Taste: same content with paneer as a replacement, but this tasted better than chicken counterpart. It had a great taste of spices and the paneer was grilled very nicely.
Price: decent
Quantity: too much for a single person.
Condition: hot

Definitely their sizzler was worth trying. It is opposite to Hotel Empire. Thet have one more branch opposite Gopalan Grand mall, old Madras road.
As we were quite full, so we decided to take a Break. We went to watch Penguins of Madagascar in Garuda mall, which was at a walking distance. Nice funny movie.

Third stop: Peppa Zzing, 3 km from garuda mall, Infantry Road


This place is one of the highest rated in kickass burger category in Zomato. Located near Safeena plaza. It is a calm and small place. There is a board with the name of famous dish of the restaurant and certificate which they have got for great burgers. They had a one of a kind menu card, made of steel. I really had fun changing pages. We asked the waiter about the speciality, he told us that this place is famous for it’s patty, big whammy burgers and white sauce pasta. We ordered peppa zzing lamb burger and cheese burst chicken burger. Burgers were served in a basket with fries, mayo and ketchup.

Taste: both burgers tastes too good and different. Patty was hot and mouth watering. Mayo was disappointing.
Price: burgers are expensive.
Quantity: it is not proportionate to the price at all.
Condition: proper


Do try Mr. Bombastic next time, as the waiter told that it is one of the burger. One more good thing about this place is that the man at reception gives you pan parag candy when you leave the restaurant. Childhood days toffee memory relived. Come here to taste some authentic burger and have whammy challenge with your friends.

4th stop, shwarma time! Savoury Restaurant, Frazer Road


When I was heading towards the restaurant I saw many restaurants to fulfill your chicken craving like khan saheb, street chicken item stalls, just shwarma, etc. It can be a pilgrimage for Singla. When we were entering the restaurant we saw many chefs preparing shwarmas, tandoori chicken, etc. And inside there were some biryani-chicken- tandoori-roomali-combo thali displayed, that just left a mouth watering impact on us. There was a big fat plate of Biryani and a full chicken over it. We wanted to eat that, but we were on hopping, so left it for next time. It was a family restaurant with all sorts of dishes, beverages and desserts. Waiter suggested us to try spicy shwarma Arabian, which I have never eaten before, being a shwarma fan. He even explained many Urdu words that were there in their menu and how urdu is different from Arabic. Shwarma’s up! It was served with carrots that have vinegar’s taste too. Simply Yummy !

Taste: the outer layer was soft and crispy. The stuffed chicken inside with all the spices and cheese kinda thing was a perfect combination.
Price: Rs 60 only, you can grab shwarma under Rs 100 here
Quantity: same as the expected shwarma
Condition: served medium hot

After we had our shwarma, Waiter asked us, ‘kaisa laga apko shwarma, aap kuch aur lenge?’. Mind said yes but stomach. It is a great place for kebab, biryanis, chicken dishes and shwarma. Must try if you are chicken lover.

Last stop, Manjit da Dhaba, no Oye Amritsar!, around 2 km, cox town

We were in the need of a break since our stomach was almost full to the neck. What would have been a better idea than walk to the next stop? And then comes the best part, Manjit da Dhaba was close! It was like a kick on Singla’s stomach. This is my favourite place to have hardcore Punjabi food. Since we all were in the mood to eat Punjabi food, so we landed Oye Amritsar, Indiranagar.


This place has a fancy Dhaba setup with some of the funny movie posters and one liner. Like MIB stands for Men in Bhatinda. You will spend at least ten minutes getting all mesmerize. We ordered Murg Lahori, Kadai Paneer and Lassi.


Taste: chicken gravy was tasty and medium spicy. Paneer was not so good, gravy was a bit sweet, disappointed. Lassi was thick and out of this world. It also had Kesar flavour added.
Price: expensive, they are charging a lot because of their ambiance
Quantity: decent, but out of sync with the price
Condition: warm food

Best thing about this place is the Lassi Malai Mar Ke, take Patiala size, it gives you more quantity. Just remember that you will have fun in lift.

And that is how this day came to an end. We really rushed for food, tried too many things in just a day and had fun throughout the day. Hopes for more and more days dedicated to food in coming future. Till then, Eat, Explore and Enjoy.

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