Between Mangalore and Madgaon – The game of light

Boarding the Mangalore to Mumbai (CST) Express to return home, it’s difficult to settle down soon. The beauty of picturesque view beholds in your eyes and your eyeballs keep traveling with the same speed as the Superfast Express train.

Probably, the most interesting part of this journey is the game of light. The color of the sky changes beautifully as the sun sets and finally, as we reach Goa, it’s pitch black. This time around, it was a rush hour journey for me. Honestly speaking, it was not even a journey. A hurriedly packed up bag and a shabbily dressed ‘Me’ kept running for days to get to Mangalore for work, spend some quick time & come back soon. The train journey was relatively smooth and I could see the green fields going dimmer and dimmer as the sun was forced to leave for the day.

You could also see the same in some hurriedly picked up snaps below –









Apart from this short description (which you just read) and the above feedback form, there was nothing else I wrote in the entire journey. The sun fell asleep  and so did I.

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