Extended Weekend: Wayanad

This blog is dedicated to every other Bangalorean(sounds big), who is locked in the cycle of shifts and jams and is in a desperate need of a break. Most of us might be browsing through sites like Tripadvisor or Thrillophilia during the office hours, pinging each other and making plans around cubicles. Thank God it was a extended weekend this time!!

How we reached there?ย Booked a Toyota Qualis from Krupanidhi Tours, Bangalore. Theย price was Rs 10 per Km and they charged Rs 1200 as a Permit Tax, which the travel company charged even when there was no Toll or border tax throughout the journey :-(. The driver charge(bata) was Rs 300 per day. We left Bangalore at 2 am(without any traffic ๐Ÿ˜› ), it was approximately a 300 Km journey and the road was pretty good, which helped us in reaching early. The best part of the journey was the rising sun, beautiful rainbow and serene mountains. We all were sleepy during the journey, otherwise we would have definitely clicked a selfie over there.

Places in Wayanad
We reached Sulthan Bathery around 8 am, it has markets and moderately expensive hotels. We decided to go to Edakkal caves first, it was around 14 km away and as we reached there, it started raining. We managed to reach the ticket counter which is around a kilometer of trek from the parking area. You can also ride an elephant, while going up.
Entry Charges : Rs 20(adults), Rs 10(kids) and Rs 30(camera)
Timings : 9:00 am to 4:00pm


It is located 1000m on Ambukutty Mala, near Ambalavayal. It was formed by a broken rock and a massive rock. There are two caves, one lower and other upper one, upper one has most of the carvings. The carving on its walls shows two civilization that stayed there. ‘The one who killed many tigers’ and ‘The great king’ were the two sayings written in different languages. There were carvings of many Humans, animals, wheels and weapons depicting the works of the older civilizations.


It would have been much more adventurous if the stairs were not there to reach the upper cave. You can also see phantom rock from the space between the rock which got broken into two due to tectonic activities.


On the way back from the cave you will come across many stalls that sell Tea leaves, massage accessories and hand made chocolates. There was small stall that sold butter milk and lime soda. Worth a try after this much effort.


Bewareย :

  • Water bottles are prohibited inside.
  • Mind yomonkey_wayanad_thetravellistur walk, as it gets slippery during monsoons.







After visiting the caves, we took some rest at our hotel in Ambalavayal, which is a cheaper place to stay as compared to Sultan Bathery.





Next stop, roadside tea gardens, where we stopped on our way to Soochippara falls, both sides of roads were covered with Tea Gardens.


We had a hard time reaching the main Falls from the parking, due to heavy rains and snake ways. But the view throughout the 2 km walk kept us motivated.


The view of the water flowing, in a narrow stream between the rocks is panaromic.

Soochippara Falls


There were small stalls, serving well-known dust tea, bread omlette and maggi.


The day was very tiring, so we reached our hotel and some of us took a nap. Meanwhile few of us discovered some bakeries and restaurants around our hotel. There was a cake having three color of different layers and taste and various type of sweets. Since we were in Kerala we had Kerala parantha in all our meals. Beef is cheaper than chicken in Kerela.

And the planning for day 2 begins, Bandipur was our main priority for this day, but due to its vague timings and ‘no tiger seen’ hearings, we dropped the plan. Our first stop for the day was Karapuzha Dam, a picnic spot for localites and a large irrigation based dam site set midst picturesque surroundings.

Karapuzha Dam

This dam is surrounded by scenic lake and greenery. There is free entry and you are only allowed to walk on the cemented path. At our time, some construction was going on.


Wayanad has 3 Jain temples, among them there was a Jain temple that was in ruins and we decided to visit that.. We were expecting some ancient temple, but it was just a small temple midst a plantation, surrounded by agricultural farms.


There were broken stairs outside the temple and some pillars, that might have fallen down years ago. Later we too discovered another Jain temple in Sulthan Bathery, where we had lunch. And this was the certified one by Archaeological survey of India.


Our car crossed 10 km stretch of Bandipur Tiger reserve. All of us were looking around, hoping that we could find some tiger. But all we saw was a bunch of deers.


While we were returning, Mysore came on the way. And the Mysore palace looked so scintillating in night, that we stopped our car in the traffic just to get a picture. Wish there was no office tomorrow.


After Mysore, on the way to Bangalore there are many restaurants where one can stop and have food, like KFC, A2B, McD, etc. We reached around 1 am after a calm and relaxing trip.


We plan to go once more for the Bandipur Safari and for trekking up 5kms on the Chembra Peak, the highest peak in Kerela.

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