Gokarna – Gone in 24 hours

Everything happened unexpectedly from the beginning till the end. “Unplan and let every moment surprise you” was our motto. With that in mind we started our trip. We reached Kumta by Bikaner Kochivali express, which is 25 km from Gokarna. Gokarna Road which is 10 km from Gokarna is the nearest station, due to misleading schedule chart on our Indian Rail website we boarded the train that does not stop at Gokarna Road. I know we wasted lot of time, never mind, where there is a will there’s a way. The Cab driver here was charging a lot of money so we walked till the main road where we boarded the mini-bus cum van. It took us 30 min to find it as all other public vehicles were busy in Sirsi Festival a major festival celebrated here during the month of April.  The seating was too congested. We had our breakfast and then took an auto which charged us a lot more than expected.



We landed on a beach whose shore forms the shape of OM, thus the name, Om Beach. You can eat and enjoy the banana boat ride here. We saw many foreigners doing Yoga, Sun Bath and exercise here, that’s how they feel the serenity of our tourist spots.



There are boats available @Rs 100, which take you to the other beaches. We preferred to trek though despite being in a rush to cover 3 more beaches and a temple. We proceeded across a small mountain and a rocky area.

We landed on the Half-moon beach named so as its shore is in the shape of a crescent. Here we finally enjoyed in the water and Iyer performed many stunts.

There is a small restaurant here where you can have juices, alcohol and food. One foreigner made a small unique boat with tree leaves, branches and water bottles, it sailed for a while too.



Then comes the toughest, the 45 minute journey to Full moon (Paradise) Beach, you will come across jungle, rocks, pineapple trees and a mountain on the way, a perfect combination for a trek.

Foreigners were smoking and chilling on the beach, that had many rocks. I lied on the rocks and was gazing the beautiful sea in contrast to my friends who were worried that 4pm train will be missed.


All tired and worried, we were moving quietly till we found a small restaurant, we took rest there and had snacks, lemonade (Iyer had sugar overdose) and lassi. On the way we saw pineapple trees, we threw as many stones on the tree so as to get at least one, but in vain. The owner then yelled from her house and we had to leave the place in haste.


Just near the exit of Om beach there was a way to Kudle Beach, around 1 km walk across a small garden. This beach was one of the cleanest and has many restaurants. It’s a well maintained and is the most visited beach. Kids playing, parents running after them, foreigners writing something, couples  enjoying the romantic sunset and amidst the crowd we guys had a ring fight, in which Apu threw the two of us out of the ring every single time.


Sunset was amazing, the best I had ever seen. Then we took an auto to the Mahabaleshwar Temple. There’s a myth here that whatever you wish just say it in ears of holy cow and it will come true. Since the last bus to railway station was at 8.30 pm and there was a huge queue, we could not see it from inside. We had vada-sambhar to kill our appetite and reached station finally. We waited here on this lonely station till 3 a.m for our train, quite a scary experience it was.

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