Kalyan Bhel – The pit stop for every PUNE-RI

If it’s not for the Paani Puri of Mumbai , Gol Gappa of Delhi & Fuchka of Kolkata, go to Pune’s “Kalyan Bhel”. Unmistakeably the best chaat & snack center in town.

For upper middle class janta


S.P.D.P. is the best (Rs. 70 now ; It was Rs. 60 two months back) The Dahi,paapdi & sweet chutney are the 3 key elements that make the S.P.D.P so delicious.

S.P.D.P is really yummy. Let’s KB every Sunday

P.S. – K.B. stands for Kalyan Bhel

For the lower middle class public


Dry Bhel is the best (Rs. 30 ; same rate) The peanuts, dhaniya along with the spices & onion are the most tastiest players of this team.

” Mast aahe. Packet madhe gheun taak. Jai Maharashtra !”

So, where do YOU stay ? Catch them live at the below HOTSPOTS !



Special Kulfi” , “GULKAND” and “Cheese Mysore Dosa” are the all-time favourites

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