Love of travel was indeed a major factor

Laurence Norah & Jessica Norah run two travel blogs: Finding the Universe & Independent Travel Cats. And you would love to know that Jessica is American and Laurence is British. Now presenting their travel tale combined with lots of love:

Love at first trip; was travelling that connecting factor?
We met at a travel conference in Rimini, Italy. I was speaking at the conference and Jessica was invited as one of the top 100 travel bloggers. We both ended up on the same trip together directly after the conference where we got to know each other. I later would visit Jessica in San Francisco, CA and she would come meet me on a trip to Finland, and we were later engaged in California. So yes, a love of travel was a major factor that connected us!

How smooth is the trip with your partner, any tantrums?  How travel compatible are you?
On the surface you might not think we’re that compatible – Jess loves to learn about and immerse herself in a culture, and tends to naturally gravitate to luxury travel. Whereas I’m most happy out in the middle of nowhere taking photos, and just as happy in a tent as a bed. However, this actually works pretty well in practice, as we both get to do and see things we might not otherwise have planned, and we end up enjoying ourselves a lot in the end.

Any trip that wouldn’t have been impossible without the other person?
I think all our trips have been best experienced together – we love spending time together and we just find that travel is more fun together. So, whilst nothing necessarily impossible – we definitely prefer to travel together.

Which place do you want to get stuck with your travel partner and why?
I think given a choice both of us would be happy to be stuck in the USA. It’s got a huge amount to see and do, is easy to travel in, and has everything from budget to luxury travel to experience. Other places we wouldn’t mind being stuck (at least for awhile) would be Iceland, Scotland, New Zealand, Seychelles, and Tanzania.

Baby pull me closer, …. Complete this with a pick up line thinking you’re on the roads. you want to fill the gap in my passport?

A date under the sky on beach, dessert or mountains for the Valentine’s day.
Under the sky on a beach. We got engaged the day after Valentine’s day on a beach, and we both love walking on the beach together, so that’s an easy one!

Any scheme/saving tips for young couples travelling?
Travelling together as a couple straight away starts saving you money as many costs can be halved. We love using online tools to save money, price aggregation sites like Priceline or Hotelscombined are a good way to save on everything from flights to car hire to accommodation. Focus on the big picture items for money saving – accommodation and transport are usually the most expensive items, so figure out ways to reduce those costs. Homestays, housesits, short term apartment rentals – these can really help save money.

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