Disaster turned to happy times in Mawphanlur

Have you heard of Mawphanlur? There are 7 lakes surrounded by lush green tiny mountains. Engage yourself in easy-go activities such as rowing a boat, climbing mountains, flying a kite, scream (chat) at people on another hill. Thus, have the best time…
– via Denis P. Rayen, the owner of Cherrapunjee Resort

Fascinated by this brief introduction, I eventually added Mawphanlur to my bucket list.

Mawhpanlur is located 73 km from Shillong and 145 km from Guwahati and it serves as the perfect weekend getaway for the city dwellers. Being a solo traveler, I took a sharing Sumo from Shillong to Markasa(barely 100 bucks), had an amazing conversation with the Khasi-speaking locals and made it to the tiny village of Markasa. As soon as I reached, Francis, the manager at Travellers’ Nest came to pick me up in his power-packed Sumo. The road from Markasa to Mawphanlur was bad to begin with and got worse the further we drove. You should be geared up throughout to embrace the scenic views in a bumpy ride.

Travellers' Nest

The roller coaster went on. After 10-15 minutes, the car went down the hill crossing the small houses atop mini-hills and we entered Travellers’ Nest, my haven for a day through a fence on the lake-side. The delightful experience was when I got down from the Sumo and took a 360 degrees tour of Mawphanlur–serendipity in the environment. The little cemented huts exclusively made for the guests, lakes all around with boats all set on the bank and herds of cattle busy having their meal at the hilltop. The cold breeze complemented the setup very well.


Do you believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason? I certainly came to believe this. As, I was relaxing in my bamboo hut and it started raining cats and dogs. Lights went off and the hardship followed.

It was a dark scary rainy night, a dreadful wave of thoughts flooded my mind. I heard the knock on my door. I thought it must be Francis who have come to my rescue as his phone was not reachable since half an hour. It turned out that someone has not come to help me instead to ask me for some help. All reversed. “Come in all of you, keep your luggage here (we will all drown in this flood together.)“. Henceforth, four youngsters stuffed their bags, helmets and their big fat tent inside my hut.

Post settling, all of us sat in a circle with a torch lighted. They took out a pack of biscuits and we talked about North-east vs The rest of the country, rock music scene in Guwahati and Shillong, offbeat places in north-east and a lot more. They also invited me for the Hornbill festival in December. Coincidently, we found about Travellers’ Nest from the same blog on Tripoto.

And then came our hero, Francis.

He came with torch lights, umbrella and a water bottle for all of us. We cursed the rain together. And at night, he invited all of us to eat in his kitchen and all of us sat next to the burning flame. Everyone introduced me to the dishes and we helped each other serve the food too. For one moment, it felt like home.


Next morning was a little chilly but the thankfully it was not raining, thus we explored Mawphanlur. We played with Francis’ naughty kid, went beyond the hills to chase a sound making creature until we found the cow who had a bell hanging around her neck. Seeking together became a mission for all of us indeed.


All this happened and it seemed like a trip with friends. Thus, one can believe that whatever happens, happens for something good.   

Mawphanlur Travel Tips

  1. Traveller’s nest room price starts at ₹700 per night and goes upto ₹1400. However, you can bring your own tent and stay lake or mountain side. There are extra charges for locally cooked food and they serve whatever they cook for themselves.
  2. If you want a pickup and drop between Markasa and Mawphanlur, the charges are ₹300 one-side journey.
  3. Contact Francis for bookings beforehand, he’s available at +91-8974318450.
  4. Charging pins are limited in room and the entire premise as well.
  5. Drive carefully on the 5 km stretch from Markasa to Mawphanlur, hope to see good roads in future.
  6. Spend a day or two relaxing, also get a chance to sleep under the sky.

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