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Enter my heart with a valid VISA

Lesh and Jazza, an Australian couple who founded Nomadasaurus in 2013, have had an incredible ride. Right from bumping into each other during a trip, getting married to each other, and now, running this super successful adventure blog. Here’s a small interview with these amazing travel-mates:

Love at first trip; was travelling that connecting factor?
We met in the middle of our travels in Canada, so travel has always been that connecting factor for us!

How smooth is the trip with your partner, any tantrums? How travel compatible are you?
Our travels aren’t always smooth, partly because we travel to some really off-beat destinations and partly because we run a business together, but we can handle just about any situation together. Having been on the road together for over 8 years we are very compatible!

Any trip that wouldn’t have been impossible without the other person?
I don’t think either of us could have travelled for as long as we did in China without the other for support.

Which place do you want to get stuck with your travel partner and why?
On a beautiful island, surrounded by mountains, jungle and warm water. We’d set up a hostel and spend our days hiking, surfing, and exploring.

Baby pull me closer, …. Complete this with a pick up line thinking you’re on the roads.
….I want to check if you have a visa to enter my heart.

A date under the sky on beach, dessert or mountains for the Valentine’s day.
Camping in the mountains any day!

Any scheme/saving tips for young couples travelling?
Cut back on unnecessary items like going for expensive dinners and drinking. Save your money for experiences, because at the end of the day those are what you’ll remember forever.

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