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Can you imagine a city that caters to the youth as well as takes care of the older lot ? Can you think of a place that has married both the age-old tradition as well as the ultra-modern trends ? Wow ! Sounds like heaven. It is.. Heaven. Better known as “The Oxford of the East”. None other the charming city of Pune.

People wish, Pune makes it happen. Nightclubs, Trekking, Shopping, Eating, Cinema, Art & Craft, Theatre. It seems, this city has got the best in everything.

Here’s the top 5 on each billboard –




Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra is probably one of finest places where one can find the perfect cultural blend of the old & the new. Pune, once, the heart of Maratha empire has now been successfully conquered by the incoming sophisticated crowd.

Though educationally brilliant & now, of course an IT hub, Pune has much more to offer from the The Travellist standpoint. Perfect weekend getaways & picnic spots are the reasons why things become so heartfelt.

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  • Very very helpful for those who love exploring new places, love to experiment with their taste, enjoys the beauty of nature, n many more things…. It is good enough to visit here…

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