Roadtrip: A drive through madness!

Most of us are stuck in traffic for hours, tangled between deadlines for days or have become a part of this vicious-normal-society cycle for quite a time where we all are walking on a path that hardly excites us just like the most hated playlist going on in a loop.

Not even a coffee/sutta/KitKat break is able to take you out of the situation? Advice, motivational quotes or gossips aren’t enough to keep you going? Are you looking for a escape since long? These thoughtful roads makes you feel directionless? Come.. Let’s hit the road to clear the foggy thoughts – guaranteed speedy recovery of inner self.

Thus, there’s a therapy called as Roadtrip. It contains enough miles to bitch about your boss, guide your friends to take the correct route in life(at least while driving πŸ˜› ), be an entertainer for the night or eat along at a roadside Dhaba.

Here’s what you need:
Last moment NOs – happens! – There will be many who will drive you down at the very last moment no matter how happily they agreed to join the voyage. Never mind, take this as a part of life and be happy with the lucky lot who got a chance to drive with the Schumacher(you here)!

Shortlisted candidates to be a part of the trip – After so many tantrums from feeling lazy to finishing the work, these people are on board with you. It requires a lot of effort to get together so many elephants in a car, so choose the appropriate car.

So is it Hatchback, Sedan or the big car? – Switch from Uber to Zoomcar which are available at decent prices from prominent places in major cities of India. They even offer home delivery and pickup at a decent price. Do look at this option for your comfort. Before taking the car, you will be photographed with the car so that it’s easy to publish your ‘wanted’ photo in case you run away with the car(just kidding). They checked every nook and corner of the car, handed over the car’s official documents and gave a cold eye-contact – if you damage anything, be ready to get money deducted from your security deposit.

Never compromise on the music – Arrange the Aux cable or make sure that the car’s audio system supports Bluetooth. Also allot the DJ carefully who can play songs that follow everyone’s taste and knows the dynamics of making everyone hymn along the beats.

Pro-rider – a provider of fun ride – The journey is incomplete without raising the speedometer bar above 120 and competing with the trucks on the highway, so who can be a better rider than the one who is an expert. Although, do give a chance to everyone to experiment the car ride. Please drive safe, follow road rules and do NOT go for the above craving.

No compass, but awesome internet – A fella with a good sense of direction and huge data pack can be the most suitable candidate for this post. No matter how much the driver curses you for that last minute ‘left’, you should always be satark of twist and turns in the trip.

Pitstop.. Petrol.. Pee..
You never know when the urge of P’s will arise. Don’t worry, most of the highways around Delhi have a decent number of midnight stalls serving Chai and snacks, petrol pumps and enough land to wet. and there will hardly be any wall with β€˜Do not pee here’ on the highways.

Be philosopher, someone might get enlightened
Since you’re away from this mean world, feel free to discuss life, share problems and let the heart speak for a while. You’ll definitely feel better after the trip if you fix your emotions on the trip.

Dhaba recommendations in and around Delhi
Sukhdev Dhaba β€“ A renowned multi-cuisine family restaurant located on G.T. Road, Sonipat-Delhi highway, that is like a larger version of Bikanervala in terms of dishes served and ambience. It’s a midnight craving place for families and youngsters alike, with loads of cars parked outside the restaurant. Must try – Fiery Soya Chops, Aloo-pyaz Parantha, Falooda and the Special Kulhad Chai.
Old Rao Dhaba β€“ Located on enroute to Jaipur from Delhi. A fun trivia – there are 3 restaurants with the same name lined up on NH8, pick the one with the largest parking, sparkling hoarding and Baskin-Robbins inside. Try their Naans with Dal Makhani, Chai and Pao Bhaji.
Karnal Haveli β€“ A must go with family; village-themed restaurant, lot of places to take group-pictures but a little pricey; located on NH1.
Qutab Institutional Area – Mutton Parantha or any other Paranthas are a must try here, their chutneys and butter are just amazing.

Here’s to all the participants of human race, we urge you to organise a meeting (read road trip) with your best colleagues (friends obviously) to discuss and solve the roadblocks in life, highlight satyavachan on how to tackle the real-life problems or just celebrate the promotion that you got lately.
Try this out! Your system will definitely reboot with all the fresh thoughts required to achieve the next target – in office and in life(both indeed).

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