Scaling up to a 360 degree lifestyle

Have you ever encountered a situation before, where you stood in the middle of a cake cutting ceremony & had to span from far left to far right & again in the opposite direction, just so that none of the guests are overlooked.

The panoramic view makes you dance round & round, to cover as much field of view possible. Reminds me of Kathak sometimes.

Here are some of our glimpses covering PANORAMIC views of places from India.

Photo Courtesy : Vishal Shekhar  

  1. Echo Point, Kerala (15 kms from Munnar)



2. Kashid Beach, Maharashtra (30 kms from Alibag)



3. Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra (22 kms from Satara)



4. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra (120 kms from Pune)



5. Table Land, Panchgani , Maharashtra



6. Tea Gardens, Kerala 



6. Munnar , Kerala 



Now , just go wild with your camera and pull out the best PANORAMIC shot !


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