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Steve and Sabina started travelling in early 2013, when they moved to Australia on a working holiday visa from Ireland. They are currently in Vancouver exploring this side of the world. Let’s find out how their love(and some travel) story:

Love at first trip; was travelling that connecting factor?
Our first trip together was a week in Portugal which went well, but when we made the move to Australia together that was much more of a “challenge” you could say.

Moving to another country with your partner is a great way to determine if it will last.

How smooth is the trip with your partner, any tantrums? How travel compatible are you?
We are actually opposite to each other, Sabina is way more organised and plans everything, whereas I just arrive in a new location and say “Okay what is there to do here!?”

Tantrums… oh yea plenty! The majority of the time things went smooth. But spending too much time together with any person for an extended length of time can cause a decent amount of arguments.

We are actually very compatible together for travel. Strangely the two opposites rub off on each other and tend to balance us both out in the middle, kind of slightly unorganised but enjoying ourselves.

Any trip that wouldn’t have been impossible without the other person?
Oooo hard question, Technically all our trips could have been done by ourselves but having that person who can support you really helps. Like one time we were in Gili islands, Bali and Sabina got a terrible case of food poisoning and was in bed for nearly 4 days. In those cases being alone can suck! So I’d have to say most trips would be impossible because we support each other at each stop…awww

Which place do you want to get stuck with your travel partner and why?
Somewhere with fresh coconuts incredible surf and perfect year round weather, at least that would be Steve’s answer. Sabina would be happy wherever Steve is(this is also Steve’s answer haha)

Baby pull me closer, …. Complete this with a pick up line..
“Baby pull me closer and grab my beer 😉 “

A date under the sky on beach, dessert or mountains for the Valentine’s day.
100% under the sky on the beach!!

Any scheme/saving tips for young couples travelling?
If you are like us you probably “plan” to budget but never actually do. We always say oh lets spend X amount but end up spending X amount times 3! One tip we do have is any hotels you book always put in the comment that it is your birthday or anniversary or something along those lines. You do get the occasional upgrade.
Lastly don’t be afraid to ask for a discount ☺ The worst thing they can say is no.

Good luck and safe travels.

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