‘Kolkata in Gurgaon’ by Rohit @Sushant Lok Durga Puja Committee, Gurgaon

India as a whole has become ‘culturalized’. Gone are the days, where a festival is only celebrated in a particular region or state, now be it any festival it is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and joy as it is in the so called ‘home’ state of the festival. Likewise it is not that Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated only in Maharashtra, I have been to Kota, Rajasthan during Ganpati Visarjan and there were a large number of devotees who came to bid adieu Lord Ganesha, likewise Durga Puja is no more a Kolkata or Bong festival. I went to Kolkata last year during Puja, did Pandal Hopping and had the best trip of my life. Now here in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, I visited the Pandal organized by Sushant Lok Durga Puja Committee, and I must say they remind me of Kolkata. I relived all those Kolkata memories.

After office, had a quick dinner and dashed into the nearest Pandal, with my camera. The Pandal was located in a ground, right behind my house. Outside the ground, I saw many small vendors, selling toys, ice-creams and chanas(a light snack). On my way to the main Pandal, I could see many food stalls from most of the famous food outlets in the city like, Shree Shyam Ji Ke Mashoor Chole Bhature, Kathi Roll, Tunday Kababi, Puchkas, Biryani, Jalebi, etc. It was difficult to resist the temptation seeing all the delicious food items but I walked inside to have a look at the best part of the Pandal.

They had this big neon colored hut shaped structure inside which idols were placed. Right in front of this was a small matka and tokri rangoli kind of decoration on the floor. Had they put small LED bulbs onto the rangoli it would have really enhanced it.

Small Decoration

The idol had a blue and silver color theme, very bright combination. The make up done on the idol was simple but elegant. Idols of Lord Ganesh, Mahishasur and other Goddesses were also very beautiful.

Durga Maa Pandal

There was a beautifully decorated Kalash and an Agarbatti (incense stick) stand kept near the Idol. Even the blue and green lights pointing over idols, enhanced the beauty of the Pandal.

Pandit Ji sat right next to the donation box and lights on the stage. He was chatting and enjoying the company of the people. Many camera enthusiasts like me were clicking Pandal pictures, selfies. Many people were seeking blessings from Durga Maa.

There were many stalls, which were selling Kolkata’s famous products like Sarees, suits, bags and cosmetics. Didn’t ask the prices but they were looking nice.

There was also some program going, which was exclusively for committee members, to my guess, it was some singing and dancing program, in which the committee members were performing. Nice programme, efficiently organised by the Sushant Lok Durga Puja Committee. I would suggest them to put an LCD screen outside for non-members.

While I was clicking pictures found few great things like:

1 Bunch of guys who came to me and said “bhaiya ek photo khichlo hamari”. I was glad that they were happy to see their picture.

Ek Photo

2. A small kid, screaming, don’t know why.

Yelling Kid

3 A kid enjoying the Puja on his carrier

I am enjoyin, Dad

4. Paan on the brick of ice.


5. The selfie corner


6. Beautiful bangles.


7. The legendary ‘HEAD’ of Shree Shyam Ji’s, as his worker called him when I was taking pictures of Chole bhature stall.

Respect Sir

8 Tunday Kababi. Looked Yum

Tunday Kababi

9.And the best was family selfies. Feel of Aww…


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  • Thanks for the beautiful write up… being associated with this pujo for the last 15 years gives me immense pleasure to see that you have enjoyed the celebration. It gives a lot of encouragement to the members who worked hard selflessly for the last 5 months….thanks once again.

    • Thanks for giving your precious comments on our post, this also encourages us to visit various events and write about them.

  • Really indebted to you for this write-up. Your suggestions will definitely be implemented next year. We have Kali Puja celebrations on 10th November and am looking forward to see you then. Thanks once again.

    • Thanks a lot for your comments on our post, really glad that you liked the suggestions. Will be happy to attend the Kali Puja celebrations on the 10th.
      It would be very helpful if you could also tell me the timings of the Kali Puja

  • Dear Rohit,

    It was really encouraging & heartwarming some praise the months of efforts which go into to organize a successful pujo.
    Thanks a ton for all your kind post.

    • Thanks Rajdeep for your comment on the post, it was really an amazing experience and kudos to you people for organizing such a nice event.
      Would be really happy to help you guys in organizing any of your future events.


  • Hi Rohit,

    It’s a great snapshot of our puja. We’ve decided to print this in our souvenir. It’ll be published on 11th November. Please visit the same venue and collect your copy from me. Please send this write up in PDF to anirban.guha@gmail.com

  • Beautiful write up.Where is the exact location can u please guide me,as i m new in gurgaon and missing puja very much.So want to visit.

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