The Sanskari side of Goa

Warning: This is for those who believe Goa can not be visited with family.

After hearing all sorts of humiliation from my colleagues at office – ‘Dude, who in this world goes to Goa with their parents?’, ‘Have you lost your my mind?’, ‘You’ll be drinking Kokum, where people go to drink beer, LOL’ . For once I thought, it was a not-so cool decision and I should find some excuse to skip this trip, but then I looked at the other side of the coin, where I can experience Goa in a pavitra(pure) and different way, which most of the people don’t opt for. Indeed, it was a simple yet a learning experience on how to adjust and manage your trip according to the kind of people you’re travelling with. Let’s find out how to discover Goa in a very sincere(aadarsh) manner:

1. Basics of the trip
This is the point where you can make sure everything takes off properly, from a good spacious car for the comfort of your family, a friendly and knowledgeable driver and most importantly, a good place to stay and relax preferably away from all the hippy beaches(the farther the better). Always make sure to distract their minds with good music in the car, a fancy looking stall or telling tales of how Goa was built, what significance every street has and much more.goa-the-travellist-1

2. Morning Puja at Mangueshi temple
Located in North Goa, this temple is one of the most visited temple in Goa, with one of the most elegant architecture. Every Monday, the idol of Manguesh is taken out for a precession in the Palakhi accompanied by music before the evening Aarti. Won’t this sight make your parents happy?goa-mandir

3. The jail story at Aguada Fort
Yeah, you will find all kinds of crowd at this place, so not to worry, it is safe to visit with your family. Do ask them to see the jail across small jhalis and tell them how badly the prisoners were treated there. Don’t forget to climb up on the edges of the fort, which has a beautiful view of the Arabian sea and have a family wali selfie.goa-the-travellist-8

4. Pray at Basilica church
No matter what religion you belong to, Goa surely has many churches which will blow your mind with intricate and authentic architecture. The entire story of Jesus is depicted with such grace in the museum at Basilicas. So will this popular church shown in some movies make your parents feel déjà vu.goa

5.Be careful at Baga and Calungate area
These are the popular hubs in Goa, where there’s a high chance of your parents feeling ashamed of the Sanskriti due to some ‘buri’ thing that they may see while you’re there, it can be a guy of your age with a bunch of girls or with beer – both are equal crime in your parent eyes.goa-the-travellist-6

6. The Foodie act
So there are lot of delicacies to try in Goa, be it that yummy Goan fish curry with rice or Kokum or any seafood for that instance, you can hop into popular places for the best taste. Except King’s you can try as much as you want.goa-the-travellist-5

7. The isolated beach
When you and your family wants a break from this duniya and just want to be together, head on to Cabo de Rama beach to have some good time with your closed ones. There are small tides, tiny rocks and a backwater lake to offer you so much to relax and enjoy. The place is quite distant from the city but this beach will make an everlasting impression on your mind. Sure you’ll visit it again in the future(with or without family).goa-the-travellist-3

8. The Tattoo tradition
One can find a lot of options to have that tattoo inked on their body, which is indeed a tradition to show people back at home, that they have visited Goa. You can get it from beach-side local chaps, small shops or some famous studios. Do ink a holy symbol to impress your family.goa-the-travellist-10

9. Never ending shopping
The best trick to keep all females in the family occupied is street shopping in Goa, be it Anjuna’s flea market or small areas around Calungate. You can buy clothes, lights, band, cashews and cheap liquor(NOT).goa-the-travellist-7

10. Sunset at the beach
Always prefer a safer shack on beach, where you personally don’t feel guilty of what your parents are seeing (judging). Simply stare at the sea with sun dipping into it. Peace.goa-the-travellist-9

So, the question still remains, will you go to Goa with your family? We hope these hints will help you increase the family engagement on your next trip to Goa.

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