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Travelling alone in a safari is a huge NO–insider’s tip ahead–whom are you going to yell at if you find a tiger hiding behind a tree, whom will you shower with all the wildlife knowledge or suppose a scary animal thinks you’re a prey and there’s no one to pray and save you in the safari; Don’t feel helpless, last fact is exaggerated but might be true! Trust me, the feeling is real, I realised it while on my trip to Kaziranga, a UNESCO world heritage.


While standing outside the ticket counter at the Kaziranga National Park, sipping a glass of tea and watching the gangs(families I mean) of four, eight and even sixteen talking at top of their voice and clicking multi-pose-angle-selfies at 6:30 am in the morning, as we all were gathered there for the 6:45-elephant-safari. The seating is limited as there are around 25 elephants with the capacity of 4 passengers each for the Western range Safari, hence pre-booking is recommended. Soon we all headed towards the junction where the bunch of elephants were waiting for all the tourists. The exciting part for everyone was the the one-horned rhinoceros but for me there was one more layer over it as to who all are going to be my safari companions. Couples, family or kids, who’re going to come my way. And after a while, I was placed with three people who were none of the expected lot as they were travel-minded like me.


Meet Jai, Ridhima and Pranav, family friends who were up for a long week journey in Meghalaya. They made sure that the safari rider takes us to every possible corner where we can find a one-horned rhino, be it inside the small water pond or the borders of the national park. Their binoculars also helped in sighting various other bird and animal species that were far away. We discussed all the places that each one of has been to and what all places one should definitely visit before they die. They were curious to know how I managed to reach the Safari and when I told them that I came on a scooty, they were shell shocked.

Last night I had reached Kaziranga around 11 in the night from Jorhat in a bus which was full, thus had to sit on a luggage of a drunk man. A bengali man at Rhino cafe helped me find a hotel, book the safari and told some guy on the phone to drop me till the safari in morning – a package deal indeed. Thus the guy who came to pick me up in the morning was on a scooty and hence the episode got a bit funny. He also dropped me back to the hotel and we also had breakfast together.


Once the 45-minute safari was about to end, they offered me to join the 3-hour eastern safari which comprises of tiger, deer, birds, etc which was supposed to be in a gypsy and I wish I could join them. While we were about to depart, they gave me blogging tips and asked me to definitely write a piece about our meeting.

That’s where the awesomeness of trip lies, you come for a experience and end up making new friends who share the same(or even more) love for travel. Henceforth, this instant connect with tourists and locals gives a constant push to travel more and more.

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Some travel Tips:

  • It’s better if you pre-book, nevertheless this drill of booking Safaris(Central, Western and Eastern range safari, check out the rates) is also managed by the Hotel managers or any local point of contact.
  • Bus between Jorhat and Guwahati can drop you at Kaziranga. Prices are dirt cheap.
  • There are only two slots for elephant safari – 5:45am and 6:45am
  • Don’t carry heavy bags in the safari, keep it light or don’t carry anything!

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