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From joint itinerary to joint bank account

Travelling King is a blog where you can find out how to travel luxuriously without burning your pocket – find all sorts of travel tricks to woo your significant other every time you visit a new place. Moreover, it not just a travel blog but also a food, luxury, fashion, fitness and lifestyle blog.

Love at first trip; was travelling that connecting factor?
Yes I think so, we both have a great passion for travelling and connect really well with it. Our first trip together was a 4 day road trip after we just started dating… Usually this wouldn’t go very well for new couples but due to our joint love of travel we were got along like a house on fire!

How smooth is the trip with your partner, any tantrums? How travel compatible are you?
Travelling with your partner is like living with them, there are ups and downs but mostly we have a great time and rarely have to deal with arguments. As we both love travelling, being able to do it together is fantastic, we have the same tastes in food and in what we like to see and do when we travel.

Any trip that wouldn’t have been impossible without the other person?
Not really, I have travelled solo previously and I have travelled with Ben and my family before. It’s always nice to travel with someone, it makes the experience much more fun as you’re able to share all the exciting sights and foods together. Creating travel stories together!

Which place do you want to get stuck with your travel partner and why?
Maldives!!!!! The Maldives is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world! The beautiful clear blue waters and white sand beaches. I love it because you’re able to relax without having to worry about the rest of the world or social media!! Cocktails and cuddle in a hammock!

Baby pull me closer, …. Complete this with a pick up line thinking you’re on the roads. 
“and pass me your French fries!” haha

A date under the sky on beach, dessert or mountains for the Valentine’s day.
I love having dinner with Ben on a private beach with a friendly waiter bringing up yummy food and cocktails. Feeling the sand between our toes and listening to the waves crashing. It’s so relaxing and romantic!

Any scheme/saving tips for young couples travelling?
Get a joint account where you both have to sign to access the money. Work out where you are going and how much you need to save, break it down weekly and put that money into your joint account.

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