Why so competitive, Varanasi?

Somebody told us, “Life is a competition, run fast or else you’ll be left behind“. It makes so much sense to not just humans, but to certain eateries in Varanasi(after all it’s a human creation). So just imagine a SirTaj Mahal near Taj Mahal, The wall of China near The great wall of China or even Natural Ice cream parlour near Giani’s ice cream parlor. Ain’t these confusing? Both are contemporaries and when standing right next to each other, make situation more complex for the innocent visitors who have less context about the place.

Dear owners, is it really good to be located right next to your so-called rival? Will it help you drive audience? Let’s see who wins the hearts of audience (or battle in their terms).

1. Vishnu Tea Emporium vs Sahu Tea Emporium
You can find variety of tea leaves from all across India and some live tea-making and tasting in front of your eyes in both the outlets. Vishnu Emporium has greater visibility in Dashwamedh ghat area, with directions painted on the wall whereas Sahu Emporium lies just next to the former one. You can find more about Vishnu Tea Emporium here.Vishnu Tea Emporium The Travellist
2. Blue Lassi vs Korean Lassi
One is more spacious and blue while other is little and white, but what does the Blue has that the Korean doesn’t ? More cool passport-size photos stamped on their walls? More flavors of Lassi? The friendly owner?Blue Lassi The Travellist

3. The ‘special’ Thandai shops
So how annoying is it for a newbie, who doesn’t know a thing about a place and is called by similar looking shops, you’ll probably go for nearest one. You can’t even judge whether your decision was correct when there’s not much written on the internet or told by someone in the city.Blue Lassi special The Travellist
4. The Benarasi Silk dilemma
You’ll be approached by lot of dealers who will guarantee you the best(commission) Silk in town. But was it really worth the trust when you know there might still be better in the city.Kedar Ghat The Travellist

5. Two same Pujas, different fields of view
Every evening at Dashwamedh ghat, Ganga Aarti takes place,  from which side you should experience this, left or right? Or are they just the same and they divided this into two, so that more audience can watch it? The question remains unanswered.Dashwamedh ghat The Travellist

6.Brown Bread Bakery vs Brown Bread Bakery
The best daring example of how to have outlets with same name facing each other (Warning, its no mirror effect). No fake or real trademark was there and yes, I went to the mirror image. We do realize there was something wrong with this place as it was empty, despite so much buzz on internet. Thank you TripAdvisor for clearing this doubt later.Brown Bread Bakery The Travellist

7. The battle between Kashi Chat Bhandar and Deena Chat Bhandar
Though located around 350m away from each other, both have a good reputation, definitely worth 50% tummy share of all the tourists.Kashi Chaat Bhandaar The Travellist

8. Not too distant railway stations
So just be careful and double check your ticket, Varanasi city or Varanasi Junction, from which station your ticket is from and don’t curse Varanasi for being two-faced.Saint The Travellist

9. Change in IP
At one place it is IP mall in Sigra while at other it is IP Vijaya Mall. So first name won’t work in such places.Assi Ghat The Travellist

This might be a very common thing in big cities, anyways people will opt for the one which has more buzz. If you’ve enough time and want to kill the confusion on your trip, go to both the contemporaries, judge them and see who is the real boss.

If you find any similar intended objects, do mention it in the comments below.


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