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Why to pick Zostel as your den next trip?

Shelter, one of the basic needs of your life is not only limited to your xbhk villa on the oh-so posh road. There’s another such place where you’ll be staying during the trip that takes a lot of effort to pick. You take in account certain fancy features (oops budget sometimes) – Beachfront cottages, Mountains-view resorts, Luxury suites, Heritage hotels, Oyo rooms that serve complimentary breakfast and WiFi(looking for a Spa too?) or looking for the perfect pocket friendly accommodation.

Since the objective for everyone’s travel is different – “I want a decent place to sleep” or “Simply want to relax in a luxurious suite all day long“, so does the choice of place to stay on your trip. And here we’re dedicating this blog to those who just need a roof to sleep, a secure place to keep their bags, meet travellers from different places and exchange travel stories. Presenting the hostel culture across India in most of the tourist destinations – Zostel, a backpacker’s delight!

Let’s find out what Zostel has to offer for all of us:

1. The bunk bed rooms which are 4, 6 or 8 sharing and you will be allotted depending on the availability and party size. There is a high chance that you may get to sleep in a different room the next day as you no more own that room once you leave in the morning and you need to keep your luggage in the store. Yes, Love the instability of the stay!queen-movie

2. If you’re super bored of the culture that we all are aware of since childhood and want to flaunt to people of different grounds or even have the curiosity to learn about others’ culture, this is the place for you. You can meet people from every corner of the world under one roof. Isn’t that a way to make overseas or even over states friend or even take them to a hangout spot when travelling alone?ezgif-com-optimize-1

3. Midnight hunger pang, none of the restaurants are serving food or you’re lazy to go and eat outside, Zostel is there to rescue – cook Maggi in their common kitchen, grab bread and butter from the fridge or have a cup of coffee or tea available all the time. One secret thing, you can also keep any edible food items in the common fridge as a backup when the menu(really?) is not to your liking. Do not forget to put your name label on that as it might be a treat for fellow travellers.

4. Missing hanging out with friends back home or want to learn new things? Engage yourself in the daily activity that is hosted by the team – learn cooking, art, pub hopping, etc.

5. So where are you from? What are you up to? What’s the plan? All this and much more can be exchanged between the travellers who would be rowing in the same boat as you. Never know when somebody’s travel tip might save you or vice versa. Do make it a fun travelling q&a session with all the glitch & dumb moments survived by every one of us.

6. Challenge a stranger in a game of Carrom, Monopoly, Chess, Cards or Foosball! And we bet you, that it won’t matter whether you win or lose, the chance to see variety of skills & games rules from different parts of the world will keep you astonished. All these sports are available at Zostel.

7. We all live in this high-tech world where lifeline is controlled by the network connection in your phone. Enjoy the free WiFi and also desktop computer(without a digi-cam) in case you’re thinking out of the phone.

8. If you are old school like me and feel that written post is still the best way to show that you are missing someone, feel free to reach out to the reception at Zostel where you can send post cards(also available there) at just Rs 30 to your friends overseas.

9. They’re located in almost all of the major tourist hubs in India that too at the old parts of the cities – Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Gokarna, Rishikesh, Puducherry, Bangalore, Varanasi, Goa, Cochin, Bir, Manali, Spiti, etc. So do refresh their website before your next trip, who knows they might land up there for you.

10. There are good number of charging points in Zostel where your camera, phones, power banks, laptops,etc. can regain the lost energy during the trip. Don’t be jealous, human energies are well taken care by the comfy bed.

11. The clean & well-maintained bathrooms and washrooms on each floor shuts the taboo of shared and ugly washrooms.

12. Smoking is injurious to health but the open spaces with sofas and table for smoking is quite calm where a chat over a drag is always great.

13. If you are sleeping on the top bunk, you might face an AC right above you, which can be the coolest experience at Zostel. Chill, nothing will ruin your sleep as the bed and atmosphere in the room is damn pure.

14. If the security of luggage is a worry to you, buy a chip lock(worth Rs 10) to keep the cupboard in the room locked. The cupboard is enough for one person’s backpack and rest of the stuff can be stuffed to cover up the space.

15. You should NOT miss the free maps at the reception, this is the best syllabus which every traveller would love. The map also has the basic dos and don’ts, how to go, where to go and a lot of other helpful information.

16. The paid English breakfast which just costs Rs 100 is more than eggs and breads – you’re dining with unknown people on the same table. Learn different styles of having breakfast, learn new dining habits and sometimes share digestion lectures too.

17. And the friendly staff, taking care of everything – guest stay, breakfast, safety, bookings, logistics, certain rules in the house(ahem?), events and much more. Thanks for the warmth.

This concept is very new to India and surely most of us might not be able to digest the idea of living in a hostel environment. But I promise, the experience here, excitement in the eyes of traveller and the travel-salute to the hostel-mates when you leave for a journey everyday is impeccable. So much for the love of travel. Kudos to the spirit of Zostel.

Cover Image Courtesy: Zostel

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